HOMETOWN: Tacoma, Washington, USA

FIGHTING STYLE: Mat Technician/High-Flyer hybrid

FINISHING MOVE: Unmista-KO (Attitude Adjustment finishing with a clothesline as they fall to the mat)

Alternate Finisher: Lunar Eclipse (Starting in the Abdominal Stretch submission hold position, he wraps his opponent's top leg and top arm around his body, connecting them to one another. This applies pressure to the shoulder blade and hip.)

SETUP MOVE: Unmistakable Uppercut (Pop-up European Uppercut off the ropes. This sends his opponent wobbling back off the ropes, and when they bounce back he sets them up for the Unmista-KO)

MOTIVATED BY:  He's out to be the most unmistakable wrestler ever to step foot in the squared circle. He's not concerned with comparisons. He doesn't take pride in being better than anyone. He's not out to be better. He's not out to be the best. He's out to be the ONLY.

PERSONALITY: With a nickname of The Only 1, "Unmistakable" Jarek Jackson is cocky and confident in an attractive way. He admired Bret "Hitman" Hart growing up for his ability to break through at a time when only the giants survived. Even though he's a muscular guy himself, he surprises everyone with his agility and explosiveness. He's not gunning for the legendary status of The Rock or Hulk Hogan, he's gunning to be in a category all by himself. For "Unmistakable" Jarek Jackson, ONLY is better than BEST.