HOMETOWN: San Bernardino, California

FIGHTING STYLE: Mat Technician/High Flyer combo

FINISHING MOVE: Filibuster--Backstabber which he rolls into a Camel Clutch submission hold

SETUP MOVE: Naturalization--Springboard Stunner off the second rope that doesn't drop his opponent, but leaves them wobbly. To which he runs off the opposite rope and follows with the Filibuster on his wobbly opponent.

MOTIVATED BY: As a wrestler, Raj NATION is motivated by a never-ending search to find his most authentic self. This pushes his creative boundaries on the mic, and in the ring. He looks at wrestling as his main creative outlet to find who he really is at the end of the day. This attitude always brings out the best in his opponents, and if he's in a match, you can bet you're going to see his opponents pull out students they never have before in order to keep up.

His primary role, though, is President, and as President of Monday Night Raj, this same drive leads him to bring the league into frontiers never before explored by a wrestling organization. That might mean unheard of match types, unlikely alliances, and a priority on what will produce the best competition. On the flip side, the pursuit of authenticity may lead to unfair advantages for certain wrestlers, as he explores boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.

PERSONALITY: Raj NATION's search to find his most authentic self comes from a constant battle to be heard, and carve his niche in the wrestling world. he was stifled creatively in past efforts which damaged his confidence. But in taking on President of Monday Night Raj, he's found new life and new confidence. He's one to reference world history to explain a situation, and use his gift of gab to inspire the crowd. In his time, he's seen 'em come, and seen 'em go, but is determined to make a name for himself to ensure the long-term success of the league. He's not satisfied just being good at his job, because good is still replaceable. He wants to be irreplaceable. He wants to be NECESSARY, because necessary doesn't mean one in a million, necessary means THE one in a million.