HOMETOWN: Havana, Cuba

FIGHTING STYLE: Mat Technician/High Flyer hybrid

FINISHING MOVE: The Cuban Missile--Shooting Star Press

SETUP MOVE: Vaya Con Dios--Superkick

MOTIVATED BY: Acquiring power. Tamale collects people to work for him and do his bidding. He's extremely loyal to his people but if you conspire against him then you're dead to him. The bigger Tamale's organization gets, the more money he can spend, and the better parties he can throw. The only thing he likes more than power is flaunting his power.

PERSONALITY: El Fuego is a hard worker. He started from the bottom in Cuba to now be in a place where people work for him. He has a short temper and won't tolerate when the people working for him go out on their and try to make something for themselves. The more he wins, the more conceited he gets. He never accepts blame for any of his losses.