Web Champion


HOMETOWN: Currently resides in Miami, Florida, USA

FIGHTING STYLE: Mat Technician/High Flyer hybrid

FINISHING MOVE: Superstar Press--modified top rope Shooting Star Press into an Elbow Drop

SETUP MOVE: The Stepping Stone--with his opponent on the ground, he stomps on their chest, then bounces off the ropes, comes to a stop, poses, and does a standing Swanton Bomb.

5 Seconds of Fame--he also uses a modified Sharpshooter, where, after putting the submission hold on his opponent, uses one arm to flex his bicep and showboat to the crowd.

MOTIVATED BY: Obtaining worldwide superstardom. Wrestling is merely a springboard to cross over into fashion, modeling, movies, and the LA social scene. He's driven by an overwhelming sense that he is above everything wrestling-related and that he should be making Floyd Mayweather-like money just to appear in matches. He fully believes he will surpass company ownership in general wealth and fame, because he is that much better than everyone else.

PERSONALITY: "Superstar" Steve Steele simply believes that he's the biggest force of nature to ever enter wrestling. He views himself as a genius-level performer and tactician, touting a Kanye West-level ego. He sees wrestling, and wrestling fans as beneath him. He has no friends within the company, except for those who unwaveringly worship him. When he enters the ring for a match, he's accompanied by a different celebrity each time. He's usually cool, calm, and collected, talking down to everyone who gets in his path. He likes to brag about how much better he is as a wrestler and as a person. But when someone defies him, he can get angry and fight dirty. He absolutely carries a cheat-to-win mentality, and will use whatever it takes to get to the top, while never admitting his own faults. He redefines narcissism, and never credits anything or anyone except himself.