[The ring bell rings 3 times to honor the legacy of all wrestlers who have passed away, followed by a pyro display and a sea of fans in an uproar.]

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Magnum McFly: We welcome you to another sold out McGrath Arena in Chicago, Illinois for the hottest wrestling action you will find on the web! Magnum McFly here alongside Pretty & Terrific "P.T." Barnum coming to you live for MONDAY NIGHT RAJ: Survival. And P.T., the title of tonight's show couldn't be more appropriate.

P.T. Barnum: You said it McFly! SURVIVAL is the name of the game, as we witness the official Monday Night Raj in-ring debut of the man, the myth, the legend, the undefeated around the world BRUTICE JOHNSON.

MM: And it's BRUTICE JOHNSON taking on the unlikely alliance of "The Untamed Beast" Cam Danzler, and his partner for the night, the Monday Night Raj Champion, Ace Hopper in what President Raj NATION decreed the first ever SURVIVAL MATCH.

PT: These were the very same wrestlers who are sworn enemies, who squared off in a steel cage match at Caged Heat, but who have found a common enemy in Brutice Johnson, after he set the cage on fire, trapping the two inside, forcing a no-decision, and putting their lives at risk.

MM: And their ability to coexist with one another could determine the very future of Monday Night Raj, because if Brutice Johnson manages to pin both of them in this Survival handicap match, he's granted a Monday Night Raj contract, PLUS a title shot at our next show in a Triple Threat Match with Danzler and Hopper.

PT: In a 2-on-1 match, the odds are certainly stacked against him, but Johnson is more or less the oddsmaker overall because he has NEVER lost a match in his 5-year career!

MM: Danzler and Hopper will most definitely need to be on the same page to come away with victory, and excommunicate Brutice Johnson from Monday Night Raj permanently. But before all that, ladies & gentlemen, two weeks ago the Citizens of the Nation were brought to their feet when President Raj NATION announced the unexpected signing of "Unmistakable" Jarek Jackson!

PT: But Unmistakable made one big mistake, and that was calling out "Superstar" Steve Steele, and challenging him for his Web Championship. In true superstar fashion, Steele offered up a Ladder Match. Jarek Jackson's Monday Night Raj debut may very well be his retirement match!

MM: The debut of "Unmistakable" Jarek Jackson, and the Web Championship match starts now!

[A bullseye target made of lights hangs over the center of the ring. 2 pyro streaks shoot toward the target but miss, followed by a 3rd pyro streak hitting the bullseye dead center.]

["Unmistakable" Jarek Jackson appears at the top of the entrance aisle with his back to the ring, to a massive standing ovation. He's wearing purple pants with gold boots, and purple finger gloves. He has tape wrapped around his hands and winding up his arms. He wears a skintight compression vest zip top which reads "UNMISTAKABLE" in cursive across the back.

He holds his right arm up and makes an "O" with his right fist, then holds his left arm up and makes a "1" with his left index finger. He spins around to a raucous crowd, and the front of the vest reads "ONLY" vertically down the left side, and "1" down the right side. ]

Ring Announcer: The following is a LADDER MATCH for the Monday Night Raj Web Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, making his Monday Night Raj debut, The Only 1, "UNMISTAKABLE"....JAREK JACKSON!

[Crowd pops louder.]

MM: It is deafening inside of McGrath Arena! These fans are ready for the much anticipated Monday Night Raj debut of "Unmistakable" Jarek Jackson!

PT: Here's what you need to know about the man who calls himself "The Only 1", "Unmistakable" Jarek Jackson. He's wrestled in every major territory around the United States. He's a 3-time Tag Champion in his home state of Washington. A Heavyweight champion in Memphis, AND Florida. And he's done it all as a ring rat, knowing how to work the mat very well, combined with an unexpected aerial assault for a man of his physique.

He uses a submission move he calls the Lunar Eclipse. He positions his opponent in an Abdominal Stretch hold. He then wraps their top leg and top arm around his own body connecting them to one another, and locks them together. This applies pressure to the shoulder and hip.

When the Lunar Eclipse isn't in play, he likes to set up his opponents with the Unmistakable Uppercut where he sends them off the ropes then tosses them up for a Pop-up European Uppercut. This sends them reeling back off the ropes, and when they bounce toward him once more, he gets them on his shoulders, and sends them towards the mat like an Attitude Adjustment, but clotheslines them on the way down, and he calls that move the Unmista-KO.

[Jackson gets into the ring and unzips his compression vest and has a bullseye target painted across his torso.]

MM: Jackson unzips his vest to reveal the bullseye painted across his chest, and I think we can agree that by taking on "Superstar" Steve Steele in his Monday Night raj debut, he's a walking target.

PT: Absolutely! He may have an impressive resume, but this is MONDAY NIGHT RAJ, and the Alpha A-Lister does not miss!

[Steve Steele appears from behind the curtain to a chorus of boos. He's wearing his $9,000 black Armani suit soaking in the boos. He starts to walk towards the ring, then pauses, turns around and points to the curtain. Out walks his celebrity accomplice for the night, Ryan Lochte.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, currently residing along the beaches of Rio in Brazil, he is the Web Champion, the Alpha A-Lister, “SUPERSTAR”! STEVE! STEELE!

[The crowd boos violently and throws trash at Lochte and Steele.]

PT: Take a look at that, Double M! A 12-time Olympic medalist! Six gold medals, three silver, and three bronze medals! This is an American hero!

MM: He’s also an American embarrassment, putting our country to shame with his late night antics in Rio.

PT: Hey you heard his story, take the man at his word he was robbed at gunpoint!

MM: Well I also heard the facts, and judging by the amount of debris being thrown his way, I think these fans heard those same facts.

[Steele enters the ring, sits in the corner on a barstool and takes off his suit top. He then stands up and slowly tears away his pants to reveal his custom-tights which always showcase the faces of his celebrity friends. On this occasion, his tights feature various controversial pro athletes who have been implicated or tested positive for PEDs, including Marian Jones, Ben Johnson, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds.]

MM: Steve Steele with his grand tights reveal getting under the skin of the fans in attendance even more by showcasing some highly controversial athletes, including Marian Jones and Barry Bonds.

PT: Highly controversial but highly successful!

[Steele hands his suit to Lochte outside the ring. The ref rings the bell and starts the match.]

MM: Unmistakable Jarek Jackson and Superstar Steve Steele stand face to face. Mouthing off to one another as the bell rings. McGrath Arena buzzing for the debut of The Only 1. The two continue to exchange verbal spars. Now they both look up at the prestigious Web Championship hanging overhead. They step back and circle around the other, Jackson steps forward and the two lock horns. We are underway!

Jackson definitely the stronger of the two, and that strength on display as he shoves Steele to the ground, much to the delight of the fans.

PT: Steele with a look of disbelief on his face.

MM: Steele takes his time getting up, and the two lock horns once again. And Jackson shoves him to the ground yet again. Steele now rolls out of the ring and Ryan Lochte rubs his shoulders with words of encouragement.

PT: Atta boy, Steve! Take in the sage advice of a gold medalist. He’s the champion and the champion sets the pace of the match.

MM: Back in the ring now. They tie up another time, but this time it’s Steele able to apply a headlock. Jackson in the headlock, counters and sends Steele off the ropes. Steele coming back at him, Jackson pops him up--going for the Unmistakable Uppercut!---NO! Steele counters with a Huricanrana! Unmistakable sent tumbling to the ground.

PT: Excellent counter by the champion! Jackson tried to put him down early with that attempt at the Unmistakable Uppercut, but Steele’s done his homework. He had that one scouted.

MM: Steele now grabs the legs, steps through, going for 5 Seconds of Fame! His modified Sharpshooter. But Jackson grabs him by the head. Right hands to the head. Steele has him by the legs still though. Jackson able to jar his arms loose and toss him overhead with a Monkey Flip. Both men quickly back to their feet as the fans applaud in approval.

PT: Even though he has a little bulkier physique, Jackson is still quick, as Steele is finding out.

MM: They lock up, and Unmistakable sends the Alpha A-Lister into the corner. With his man against the turnbuckle, Unmistakable hits him in the midsection with lefts and rights. Grabs the right arm now, and twists it for a wrist lock.

Now he uses the arm to lift him up onto the top turnbuckle, there’s a prime example of the strength of Jarek Jackson. Steele counters with both feet to the chest, sending Jackson to the mat. Steele now up top! Going for the Superstar Press! Trying to finish him off early! Leaps---Jackson rolls out of the way, Steele lands on his feet! Steele now charges back at him, Jackson lifts him onto his shoulders, going for the Unmista-KO! But Steele blocks it by grabbing the top rope. Jackson trying to shimmy him loose but no luck.

PT: Great awareness by Steele, using the ropes in his favor.

MM: Steele still on his shoulders, knees Jackson in the side of the head. Now able to crawl off onto the apron. Forearm to the head sends Unmistakable backpedaling. Steele now springs off the top rope and there’s a Flying Dropkick!

PT: The raw athleticism of Superstar Steve Steele is awe-inspiring. He continues to be one step ahead of his opponent.

MM: Superstar stands over Jackson’s body and shows off the crowd. Speaking of one step ahead, could be going for the Stepping Stone here. Off the ropes! Stops, pauses and poses for flash photography, and there it is! Stepping Stone! Stepping Stone! That Senton bomb from a standstill lands square on Unmistakable’s body. Steele could very well win this right here right now. And he realizes that too, going outside the ring to retrieve the ladder.

PT: Unmistakable Jarek Jackson is about to find out he is merely a stepping stone in Superstar Steve Steele’s road to becoming a cross platform multimedia mogul.

MM: Ladder inside the ring. Steele taking his sweet time, soaking in the admiration from Ryan Lochte outside. This could be a big mistake as Jackson starting to get back to his feet. Steele still dragging that ladder, he has his back to Jackson. Now Jackson back to his feet, walks up right behind Steele, and Steele is absolutely clueless! The look on Lochte’s face changes dramatically, and now he’s yelling at Steele to turn around. Steele doesn’t have any idea what’s about to happen.

PT: C’mon Steve! kick your leg back! Do something!

MM: Steele now turns around, and Jackson pops him up from a standstill--UNMISTAKABLE UPPERCUT! Jeez alou, the strength of Jarek Jackson to pop up Steele with no running momentum and then knock him senseless with that European Uppercut.

[Crowd goes wild]

PT: That was impressive, no doubt.

MM: Jackson setting up the ladder underneath that Web Championship hanging overhead. He has it where he wants it, and begins to climb it for the first ascent of the night. He cleaned Superstar’s clock with that Unmistakable Uppercut, we may very well have a new Web Champion in a few seconds.

PT: But the Alpha A-Lister’s clock is a Rolex, and Rolex’s don’t stop ticking. He’s getting back to his feet.

MM: Jackson climbing up, a few steps away. He reaches and grazes his fingertips against the belt. Steele now regains his composure and grabs Jackson by the leg. Jackson trying to shake him off like a Taylor Swift song but Steele not letting go. And now, Steele sweeps the leg out from underneath, bringing Jackson off the ladder, and his chin bounces off a rung in the process. Jackson is busted open, bleeding from the chin!

PT: Talk about being aware of your environment. If you can’t use the ladder to climb, use it as a weapon. That was a hard fall by Jackson, he may have a busted chin, or broken jaw.

MM: Steele looking to take advantage of the situation begins furiously punching Unmistakable, looking to draw more blood. Now grabs him by the head and drives his knee to his face. That sends Unmistakable to the ground!

He seeks retreat in the corner. Steele sees his man seated and has something on his mind. Charges towards him, Bronco Buster!

PT: And Steve Steele says save a horse, ride a cowboy, partner!

MM: Steele motioning something to Lochte now. And Lochte takes off his gold medal from Rio and tosses it to Steele! Steele wraps it around his hand and begins punching Jackson again. He’s dead set on opening up another wound.

PT: We’ve seen Steele fight dirty, but this is the first time we’ve seen him get aggressive like this. Unfortunately for Unmistakable, it is not pretty.

MM: He tosses the medal back to Lochte. That’s got to be the first time an Olympic medal has been used to draw blood. I mean I’ve heard of blood, sweat, and tears, but this is ridiculous.

Steele moves towards the ladder. Not climbing it though. Instead he takes it down and lays it on the ground. Picks up Jackson’s body and moves him onto the ladder. You don’t think? No. Oh no. Superstar climbing the top rope. He’s gonna do it. Going for the Superstar Press and---OH MY STARS! DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?! Jarek Jackson sprang to his feet and countered the Superstar Press into a DDT! Steve Steele goes face first into the ladder. And now he’s busted open!

[Crowd chants “Holy Shit!”]

PT: That was unbelievable! And dare I say, unmistakable.

MM: Jackson showing why he was heavyweight champion in his previous territories right there. Now he’s headed outside the ring. A look of mischief on his face as he searches under the apron. A lot of tomfoolery underneath that ring.

PT: McGrath Arena asking for tables, and that’s exactly what Unmistakable has found.

MM: A table in the hands of The Only 1. Slides into the ring, and sets it up. Now he picks up Steele, both men wearing a crimson mask with the amount of blood they’ve shed. Near the table. He puts his head between his legs. Picks him up, going for a Powerbomb, but Steele counters! Punches Jackson in the head! Now he drops down his back for a Sunset Flip, Jackson rolls out. Jackson charges at him, and OH!---Steele sends his head bouncing off the table with a Drop Toehold.

PT: Yet again, the Superstar of Superstars sniffs out his opponent’s gameplan!

MM: Steele now climbing the ladder. Going for the win! Jackson gets his wits about him and begins shaking the ladder. Steele loses his balance but lands on his feet on the mat. Looking for a Clothesline, but Unmistakable ducks. Steele’s momentum sends him off the ropes, back towards his man---popped up---UNMISTAKABLE UPPERCUT! UNMISTAKABLE UPPERCUT! And Superstar Steve Steele sent reeling backwards all the way over the top rope and out of the ring! Jarek Jackson pulled that out of his back pocket!

[Crowd pops and chants “This is awesome!”]

PT: Jackson reached down deep to pull that off, and now he’s in position to win this thing.

MM: Steele outside the ring. Jackson, fighting through fatigue, grabs the ladder and positions it underneath the belt. That’s what it’s all about. The Web Championship. You won’t see this kind of action anywhere else, it’s The Only 1 himself, only on Monday Night Raj!

Unmistakable climbing the ladder with every ounce of strength remaining. Slowly making his way up. Makes a swipe at the belt, his fingertips graze it but send it swaying back and forth. He climbs one rung higher and---WHAT THE---Ryan Lochte in the ring! What the hell is he doing?! Lochte trying to shake Jackson off the ladder! Jackson looks down, now climbs down. Not one person sitting down in McGrath Arena! Lochte, realizing the ramifications of his actions now pleading for mercy.

Jackson grabs him by the throat. Now bends him sideways---LUNAR ECLIPSE! LUNAR ECLIPSE ON THE OLYMPIAN!

PT: Somebody stop this madman! That man is an American hero, this is akin to burning the flag!

MM: Lochte tapping out, and Jackson applying more pressure. Now he finally lets go! Ryan Lochte gets the Unmistakable stamp placed on him. Jackson going back up to retrieve the title. He’s almost there. Fans cheering him on. But Steele back in the ring! Superstar Steve Steele is back! Climbing the opposite side of the ladder. Jackson still reaching for the belt but can’t get a grasp on it. Both men atop the ladder now! Steele with a hard right to Jackson!

[Crowd boos]

MM: Jackson returns with a forearm!

[Crowd cheers]

MM: Steele with another fist!

[Crowd boos]

MM: And another forearm returned by Jackson!

[Crowd cheers]

MM: Now a Haymaker from Steele!

[Crowd boos]

MM: And a right! And a Haymaker! Steele landing consecutive blows. Now Steele throwing Axehandles at Jackson’s hand still gripping the ladder. Jackson reeling. He’s only got 2 fingers still holding on tight. Jackson, reeling, reeling, and---HEADBUTT! Jackson swings his momentum back toward the ladder and Headbutts the Alpha A-Lister!

[Crowd cheers]

MM: Another headbutt! Steele with a right hand but Jackson grabs the arm, pulls it over and---look at the strength of Jarek Jackson! Hoists Superstar Steve Steele onto his shoulders. Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me! Is he really gonna do it?!---OH MY STARS! UNMISTA-KO FROM ATOP THE LADDER, THROUGH THE TABLE!!! I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW!

[Crowd goes crazy]

PT: I am in shock. How in the hell did he just do that? He put Steele on his shoulders, and launched him 12 feet to the ground, through a table in the process. He brought that table into the ring originally but didn’t get to use it as intended. But this is one hell of an unintended consequence, and once again I have to admit, that was quite unmistakable.

MM: Unmistakable Jarek Jackson alone atop the ladder. He straddles it. Makes a “1” with his left hand, an “O” with his right. Now he grabs for the belt. HE DID IT! HE DID IT!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner aaaaaaand...NEW Web Champion….UNMISTAKABLE! JAREK! JACKSON!

MM: The Only 1, Unmistakable Jarek Jackson wins the Web Championship in his Monday Night Raj debut, dethroning Superstar Steve Steele in the process. That’s got to go down as one of the all time great ladder matches, PT.

PT: I still can’t get over that Unmista-KO. I hate to see it, but with a performance like that, and yes, an unmistakable performance indeed, Jarek Jackson has proven his keep, and is a deserving Web Champion.

MM: On the other side, Superstar Steve Steele gave it his all, and has nothing to be ashamed of. Jackson was down to his last two fingers, but managed to come away with the victory.

PT: Absolutely not. I don’t know if he’ll see it that way, but this was a back and forth match from start to finish. Steele had Jackson’s number, and Jackson had Steele’s number. And as you said, Steele was two fingers away from victory.

MM: Jarek Jackson leaves the Unmistakable stamp on Monday Night Raj in his debut, and now gets to put the stamp on his new piece of jewelry. Congratulations to The Only 1, Unmistakable Jarek Jackson on winning the Web Championship!

PT: McFly, from one debut to another, from The Only 1 to the one and only, it’s now time for the Monday Night Raj in-ring debut of The Destruction Machine, BRUTICE JOHNSON.

MM: Friends, the very future of our company could be altered drastically by the events about to unfold. Let’s recap how this all came together.

PT: It was 2 episodes ago at All Out Fallout when the Monday Night Raj Champion Ace Hopper successfully defended his title against “El Fuego” Juan Tamale. But the post-match celebration came to a screeching halt as mysterious music filled the arena. Moments later the Citizens of the Nation were shocked to see Brutice Johnson appear at the entrance aisle.

MM: Johnson entered the ring, where Hopper stepped up to him face to face and held the MNR title overhead. The Destruction Machine then silenced McGrath Arena when he kicked him in the gut, then left him lifeless in the middle of the ring with the Brutice Maximus.

PT: Fast forward to Monday Night Raj: Caged Heat when Ace Hopper defended the title against Cam Danzler inside of a steel cage. It was a hell of a match, both competitors gave it their all. Danzler speared Hopper into the cage, but his own head bounced off the steel and both men laid flat on the mat.

MM: That’s when the lights went out and confusion overtook the arena.

PT: That confusion was quickly replaced with more shock, but also heavy concern, as the walls of the cage ignited in flames. The lights came back on and there was Brutice Johnson once again, reminiscent of Eminem from “Forgot About Dre”, standing with a can full of gas, and a handful of matches. The match was called off as security extinguished the flames after we went off the air.

MM: Following that night, President Raj NATION convinced Ace Hopper and Cam Danzler, who have no love lost for one another, to team up and face Brutice Johnson tonight, in the first ever Survival Match.

PT: Can the champ and his challenger coexist and take out The Destruction Machine? We’re about to find out!

MM: Danzler and Hopper versus Brutice Johnson, Survival Match, the future of Monday Night Raj hangs in the balance! That match is now!






Ring Announcer: The following contest is a 2-on-1 SURVIVAL Match! In this match, Ace Hopper and Cam Danzler are a tag team against a solo Brutice Johnson. Traditional tag team rules apply for Hopper and Danzler, including needing one fall for victory. However, in order for Brutice Johnson to win the match, he must successfully pin, submit, count out, or TKO BOTH of his opponents. If Brutice Johnson wins, he earns a Monday Night Raj contract, as well as gets added to the MNR Championship match at the next show in a Triple Threat Match. If he loses, he is permanently banned from Monday Night Raj.

[Lights fade to near darkness as Danzler's music hits and he appears at the top of the stage wearing designer sunglasses, muscle t-shirt, and holding a water bottle, pacing left to right.]

[The beat drops in his music and a colorful light beam display fills the arena. Danzler walks with a slow arrogance to the ring. Some fans boo while others cheer.]

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from New York, New York, he is The Untamed Beast...CAM DAAAANZLEEEEER!

MM: A mixed reaction for Cam Danzler, and I’d attribute that to the fact that the fans cheering for him probably don’t want to, but realize he’s partnering with their hometown hero, and need to get behind him.

[Danzler steps into the ring and poses with his arms wide and chest out as the light beams all center on him.]

MM: Get ready folks, this arena is about to lose it.

[Pyro shoots from stage right as the intro to the song concludes, and Ace Hopper appears from behind the curtain wearing a hoodie with the hood up to a thunderous reaction from the crowd. He holds his MNR Championship high in salute to the crowd, as they begin chanting "HOP-PER!" to the beat of the song.]

Ring Announcer: And his tag team partner, from CHICAGO...the Monday Night Raj Champion….ACE! HOPPEEERRRRR!

PT: The first and only Monday Night Raj champion to date, Ace Hopper faces his toughest challenge yet. Not only does he face The Destruction Machine Brutice Johnson, but he also has to coexist with the man looking to take that very title off his waist in Cam Danzler. And remember, Danzler is known as The Untamed Beast. He’s unpredictable, there’s no telling if one blind tag, or a miscommunication sets him off and makes him turn on his partner.

MM: Danzler has just as much incentive to win, because a win would give him a 1-on-1 title match at the next Monday Night Raj, but you’re right partner, who knows if brains will prevail over guts tonight.

[[Hopper enters the ring, removes his hoodie and holds the belt up high as his music fades. He looks at Danzler who seems unimpressed.]

[A hush fills the arena as they wait in anticipation.]

[Brutice Johnson appears at the top of the entrance aisle to an arena largely filled with boos, but some cheers mixed in. He’s wearing his SWAT team-like gear, with a skeleton bandana over his mouth.]

Ring Announcer: Their opponent, from Bristol, Tennessee. Making his Monday Night Raj debut...The Destruction Machine, BRUTICE! JOHNSON!

MM: You got to believe that some of those cheers you hear in the arena are more out of respect for what this man has accomplished in his career.

PT: And what a resume he has. Here’s the scouting report on this guy. In his 5-year career he has NEVER lost a match. That amounts to 225 wins, beating down opponents everywhere from the Tokyo Dome in Japan, to Wembley Stadium in London. He is a genetic freak, weighing in at 298 lbs of pure muscle.

He has 2 key moves that Danzler and Hopper need to be on the lookout for. The first is the Bristol Fist, that’s his version of a Superman Punch which he uses when he’s ready to finish off his opponents. The second is his finishing move, which Ace Hopper has already felt the wrath of: The Brutice Maximus, that’s his Last Ride Powerbomb. With the amount of strength he possesses, he doesn’t need to be flashy, and some of his 225 victories have come from essentially clubbing his opponents into submission. He cares about no one but himself, and there’s a reason why he’s nicknamed The Destruction Machine.

[Johnson crosses his arms over his chest while standing at the apron, looking at his opponents, then steps over the top rope to enter the ring.]

MM: It’s hard to believe this is actually happening, PT. This is truly about survival.

Johnson goes to his corner, meanwhile Danzler and Hopper already at odds over who’s going to start the match. Both men want to be the one to have the first shot at Johnson. And look at this now!---Johnson charges at Hopper and clubs him across the back with that massive forearm!

PT: Looks like Brutice Johnson has decided who’s starting the match against him.

MM: Bell rings, we’re underway now! Johnson continues to club Hopper across the back with those meaty arms.

PT: Those hamhocks will leave welds on your back!

MM: Hopper collapses into the corner and Johnson now taking it to him with hard stomps to the chest, grabbing the top rope for leverage. Hopper absolutely being laid to waste by Johnson. The Destruction Machine now backs off the champion and raises his arms in celebration much to the dismay of this crowd.

PT: Brutice has come out with guns blazing, McFly.

MM: Hopper still in the corner, able to use the ropes to get back to his feet, and watch out now!---Johnson charges forward and rams his shoulder into the midsection of the champ.

PT: Hopper sandwiched between a 300 lb battering ram and the turnbuckles on that one.

MM: After that fantastic ladder match for the Web Championship that had McGrath Arena buzzing, all of a sudden this capacity crowd has hushed.

Johnson grabs Hopper by the legs and yanks his body out from the corner. Now stands over him and attacks him with right hands to the head. Brutice with brute force pounding away at the Mercenary With A Mouth! Referee getting close to a 5-count and Johnson lets up.

PT: Remember If Johnson gets disqualified that counts as a fall and he’s outta here. Match over. Monday Night Raj career ends before it started.

MM: Something he’ll have to keep in mind and quite honestly keep himself in check because trust me, this machine thrives on inflicting pain.

Hopper yet to muster any sort of offense. The much larger Brutice Johnson picks up the champion. Hand around the throat---CHOKESLAM! Sent right back down.

PT: Did you hear the impact of that chokeslam?! Johnson might be able to eliminate Ace Hopper right here right now.

MM: You’re absolutely right, PT, but Johnson with other designs on his mind. Not going for the cover.

[Crowd begins chanting “Let’s Go Hopper!” to try to breathe life into him.]

MM: Hopper’s hometown fans trying to will him back into the match.

PT: Not BACK into the match, McFly. He hasn’t been in it from the start, they are trying to will him INTO the match, period.

MM: The Monday Night Raj Champion slowly back to his feet. Now what’s Johnson going to do? He grabs him by the throat again, this time with two hands, lifts him up, and a throat toss into the turnbuckle opposite Danzler’s corner.

PT: Smart move by Brutice Johnson, send Hopper as far away from his tag partner as possible. You don’t win 225 consecutive matches on strength alone, you need smarts as well, and The Undefeated Around The World shows that here.

MM: You are tuned into the main event of Monday Night Raj: Survival. The MNR Champion Ace Hopper teamed with the #1 Contender Cam Danzler against Brutice Johnson, making his Monday Night Raj debut, in the first ever Survival Match. And so far it’s been all Brutice. Hopper could really use a tag here, but he’s on the opposite corner from his partner.

Johnson rams a shoulder into the midsection of Hopper. Here he goes again, but Hopper raises a knee and connects with the shoulder. Now a kick to the gut. Hopper showing signs of life finally. Here’s a chop to the chest.

[Crowd does a Ric Flair “Wooo!”]

Another chop to the chest, as McGrath Arena echoes the great Ric Flair. Now a kick. Johnson guards himself with his arms but still standing his ground. Now Hopper with a kick to the thigh, that buckles the knee and Johnson backpedaling! A kick to the other thigh, Johnson reeling backwards! Hopper’s got an opening here. He hops up to the top turnbuckle! High risk maneuever, Flying Dropkick---CAUGHT! CAUGHT IN MIDAIR! JOHNSON CATCHES HOPPER AND HE’S GOT HIM SET UP FOR THE BRUTICE MAXIMUS!

PT: Fans here can’t believe it. Hopper can’t either, he’s holding on for dear life and shaking his head no.









Ring Announcer: Ace Hopper is eliminated!

[The crowd falls silent]

PT: I’m in shock, Double M! I don’t think anyone could have predicted this! Brutice Johnson just took out our Monday Night Raj Champion and he hardly broke a sweat! We are not dealing with man, we are dealing with pure machine.

MM: Just like that, Ace Hopper is out of the match, and aside from a handful of chops and kicks toward the end there, it wasn’t even close! That means Brutice Johnson is one fall away from a Monday Night Raj contract and a championship match. Hopper didn’t even get a chance to tag in Cam Danzler! This crowd is stunned.

PT: I’m stunned! If he takes out Cam Danzler in the same fashion, you might as well hand him the MNR belt, and good luck ever prying it away from him.

MM: Hopper on the outside of the ring holding his ribcage in pain, but furious with himself, slamming his fist against the concrete floor. I don’t know if our microphones picked that up, but Danzler just shouted to Hopper, “This is on you!”

Hopper starts making his way toward the back, visibly disappointed. But the match continues, and Cam Danzler steps into the ring, and I’ll be damned but McGrath Arena is cheering him on.

PT: Desperate times call for desperate measures, this is truly a matter of survival, and these fans know they need to get behind Danzler for him to have a fighting chance, pun intended.

MM: Danzler with a maniacal look on his face. Shaking his head violently steps face to face with Brutice Johnson, who wears an accomplished smirk on his face. The Untamed Beast eye to eye with The Destruction Machine. The future of Monday Night Raj rests on the shoulders of the beast. Danzler shoves Johnson! Johnson didn’t like that one bit and tackles Danzler! On the ground now, Johnson goes to punch him but Danzler slides out from underneath, back to his feet, bounces off the ropes, Johnson still crouched turns around, and a Running Kick to the head!

Johnson doesn’t budge though. Danzler off the other rope, now a Running Kick to the back of the head! Johnson still sitting up. Danzler again off the ropes, here’s a Dropkick, and that flattens his opponent. Danzler sets up alongside his body, here’s a Standing Moonsault into the cover!



JEEZ ALOU! Brutice Johnson kicks out at 1 and tosses Danzler like a rag doll!

PT: He bench pressed Danzler as if he were his warmup weights.

MM: Johnson back to his feet. Double Chops to the shoulders by Johnson. Now he wraps his tree trunk arms around The Untamed Beast---Belly to Belly Suplex! Danzler crashing down into the mat. The Destruction Machine picks him up, and ANOTHER Belly to Belly! He picks him back up, sends him off the ropes, Danzler ducks a Clothesline, off the other side, and now a Flying Clothesline from Danzler connects! Johnson reeling but stays on his feet. I can’t believe I’m saying this but c’mon Cam!

Danzler off the ropes again, and connects with the Flying Clothesline once more! Johnson down to one knee. Danzler thinking what he has to do to take down The Destruction Machine. Johnson back up to 2 feet but wobbling. Danzler gonna go off the ropes a third time, Flying Clothesline connects a third time! Johnson stumbles backwards into the ropes, but comes back and----BRISTOL FIST! BRISTOL FIST! Brutice Johnson summons the Bristol Fist, down goes Danzler!

PT: I’m telling you, this is a MACHINE, not a man! Three consecutive Flying Clotheslines. It looked like that third one might have been enough but he came right back with the Bristol Fist.

MM: And just as quick as McGrath Arena got fired up, Brutice Johnson extinguishes the flame. Ironic, considering he was the one who started the fire at Caged Heat.

PT: Or in his mind, he didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since he’s been delivering a hurting!

MM: Here’s Johnson with the cover, this could be all





And no! Danzler kicks out!

PT: Danzler kicked out alright but that was a weak cover by Johnson, but an even weaker kickout.

MM: This is Monday Night Raj: Survival, nowhere on the internet will you find wrestling action like this. This is our main event Survival Match, and the MNR Champion Ace Hopper was eliminated early and hardly put up a fight.

Johnson kneels atop his opponent and drops right forearms to the head. Clubbing blows! The Destruction Machine is in overdrive right now. Danzler needs to find a way to make him short circuit. Johnson continues to reign blows down on his opponent, as the referee has to break it up at 5.

PT: I hate to say it, but Danzler’s best chance of winning this might be getting Brutice Johnson disqualified from not breaking a 5 count.

MM: Johnson now stands up and walks around the ring raising his arms as the Citizens of the Nation make their opinion vocal. PT, in all your career have you ever seen a force like Brutice Johnson?

PT: Never. And I fought with the best of ‘em. But I fought mortals. This is an immortal figure. This is a machine of absolute destruction.

MM: Danzler slowly back to his feet. Johnson locks the arm around the head, setting him up for a suplex. He picks him up, take a look at this!

PT: Brutice Johnson holding Cam Danzler overhead like it’s nothing, and Danzler is not a lightweight.

MM: Brutice hoisting Cam high, and now a JACKHAMMER! Jackhammer from the man President Raj NATION calls a thug! Cover by Johnson, this should be it.





Danzler gets the shoulder up!

PT: Barely gets the shoulder up. At this point if you’re Cam Danzler, maybe you consider staying down, and devising a game plan with Ace Hopper to defeat Johnson in the Triple Threat championship match.

MM: The man known as The Untamed Beast certainly being tamed tonight by The Destruction Machine. Johnson picking him up, lifts him onto his shoulders, what’s he gonna do here? Brutice Johnson sends him to the mat with a Death Valley Driver! That’s gada be it. The pin.






Danzler kicks out at 2 and ¾.

PT: He’s running on instinct alone at this point.

MM: Fans here in absolute awe of what they are witnessing. Their champion Ace Hopper sent to the showers early. And Cam Danzler now lasting longer, but taking a savage beating.

Johnson stands over the carcass of Cam. And you said it PT, he has tamed The Untamed Beast. Remember this is a guy who defeated Gunner in a 2 out of 3 Tables Match at All Out Fallout. He’s tough as nails.

PT: But tonight Brutice Johnson making him look soft as pudding.

MM: Danzler at the feet of Johnson, using his body for leverage to try and pull himself up to his feet. Johnson looking down at him laughing, shouting “STAY DOWN!” Danzler looks up at Johnson, and blasts him across the face with a forearm! And that angered Brutice! Here’s a kick to the gut by Johnson. He’s got Cam between the legs. Raises him up---BRUTICE MAXIMUS! That’s it. The cover!








Brutice Johnson is officially on the Monday Night Raj roster, and officially the co #1 Contender with the man he just pinned. We’re gonna see a championship Triple Threat on the next episode of Monday Night Raj.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner….BRUTICE! JOHNSON!

PT: McGrath Arena remains silenced. It’s hard to believe what we just witnessed. Danzler defiant to the end. With one final burst of energy struck Johnson across the head with the forearm, but all that did was infuriate The Destruction Machine who decided right then and there to end it with a thunderous Brutice Maximus.

MM: The future of Monday Night Raj will never be the same as Brutice Johnson is now on the active roster. He raises his hands high in celebration in the middle of the ring. What’s next for the champion Ace Hopper and his tag partner Cam Danzler? How will they regroup? Can they bounce back? It’ll be these three men in a Triple Threat Match for Ace’s MNR title next time! For Pretty & Terrific “P.T.” Barnum, I’m Magnum McFly, thank you for joining us for Monday Night Raj: Survival! The foundation of our company has changed forever. We’ll see you at the next show. Goodnight from Chicago!