[The ring bell rings 3 times to honor the legacy of all wrestlers who have passed away, followed by a pyro display and a sea of fans in an uproar.]

Magnum McFly: As the sun settles into the horizon on a beautiful summer night in Chicago, Illinois, we come to you live from a sold out McGrath Arena at DePaul University! Ladies & gentlemen, coming off a memorable Champions Tournament, the fans here are rowdy, the fans here are ready for Monday Night Raj: All Out Fallout!

Magnum McFly here alongside my broadcast colleague, Pretty & Terrific "P.T." Barnum. We've got 2 fantastic matches on this card.

PT Barnum: Yes indeed, McFly! The MNR Champion Ace Hopper makes his first title defense, stepping into a ring of fire against "El Fuego" Juan Tamale! It won't be pretty like me, but it will be pretty vicious!

MM: And we're ready for our opening match now as Cam Danzler squares off against Gunner in a Best 2 Out Of 3 Tables Match. Let's take you back to Champions Tournament and show you how this came together.

[Video package replaying Danzler putting Gunner through a table before their match plays.]


(Excerpt from Champions Tournament)


MM: Danzler has snapped. This is a beast unchained, and I don't like one solitary second of it! Wait a minute...they're headed to our table now. Danzler positions Gunner up on our table, watch out P.T.
PT: I'm getting well out of the way of trouble, this does not look good for Gunner.
MM: What's he gonna do here? Calm down Cam! Just calm down! The Unchained Beast has destruction in his eyes! He picks up Gunner, and OH MY STARS! He just sent Gunner through our announce table with a Michinoku Driver! The Carnage! This isn't wrestling Cam! This isn't wrestling!
PT: Gunner was turned into a carcass by Cam Danzler, and The Unchained Beast is feasting on his lifeless body. Get some paramedics out here to check on Gunner.



[A pop of spray pyro goes off around the big screen as Gunner's music hits.]

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a Best 2 Out of 3 Tables Match. In this match there are no pinfalls, no submissions, no countouts, and no disqualifications. The only way to win is to be the first to successfully put your opponent through TWO separate tables.

[Gunner walks out in a biker vest that reads "Gunner Nation" on the back, with black pants, and black boots with purple laces.]

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from San Bernardino, California, The Hell's Angel...GUNNER!

[Crowd primarily cheers with some boos peppered in.]

MM: Gunner was beaten to a pulp in our last show, before the match even started. This is officially his first match, and you can bet he has revenge on his mind.

PT: Danzler's attack that night was brutal for sure, but Gunner is no stranger to pain. This is a guy who was raised by Hell's Angels and had to earn his keep in alley fights by 10 years old. This is basically a street fight tonight, and he's certainly got the experience.

[Lights fade to near darkness as Danzler's music hits and he appears at the top of the stage wearing designer sunglasses, muscle t-shirt, and holding a water bottle, pacing left to right.]

[The beat drops in his music and a colorful light beam display fills the arena. Danzler walks with a slow arrogance to the ring as the crowd pours down boos.]

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from New York City, The Unchained Beast...CAAAAAM DANZLER!

[Crowd boos even louder.]

MM: The bell has rung and this match is underway! Gunner and Danzler, first man to put the other through two tables wins. This ring is surrounded by 4-legged friends!

PT: Or enemies if you're the one who gets sent through those tables.

MM: Danzler and Gunner circling each other around the ring. They lockup, and it's Gunner with a headlock. Danzler trying to break free, striking Gunner in the gut. Gunner now sends Danzler of the ropes, and lays him flat with a shoulder! Gunner now off the ropes, Danzler back to his feet, and sent right back down with a strong clothesline!

PT: Remember, Gunner's a streetfighter! You won't see much finesse, just the basics of a beatdown.

MM: Gunner stomping away at Danzler's chest with those size 13 boots. Danzler is moments away from having a new tattoo across the chest if Gunner keeps this up. Danzler now able to block a stomp by grabbing Gunner's foot, and brings him to the mat with a Single Leg Takedown. And Danzler parlays it into an ankle lock! An ankle lock to Gunner!

PT: Submissions won't win the match, but what a way to maim your opponent right out of the gate!

MM: Gunner in visible pain with the submission hold applied. Gunner now able to turn onto his back and push Danzler with his feet. Danzler sent into the ropes, and JEEZ ALOU--bounces back with a a Big Splash to the Hell's Angel! Danzler exiting the ring now, what's on his mind? Danzler grabbing a table from the outside and bringing it back into the ring. Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first attempt at a fall.

PT: Danzler wants to try to win this one as quickly as possible. It's an interesting dichotomy between these 2 athletes. Gunner has revenge and a beatdown on his mind. He wants this one to run as long as possible. Danzler isn't so much concerned about taking out Gunner, he's already done that. His focus is on proving to President Raj NATION that he's deserving of a title shot.

MM: Danzler leaning the table against the turnbuckle. He picks up Gunner in the opposite corner now, gonna try to put him through here. Irish Whip, and Gunner able to avoid the table and jump over the top rope onto the apron! Danzler charges after him but Gunner able to block his strike! From the apron he's got Danzler by the head. Walks him along the apron and smashes his head against the turnbuckle on the far side! Back in the ring now, what's Gunner gonna do here? OH! A DDT! Danzler's skull bounces off the canvas!

PT: Like I said, this is a methodical beatdown for Gunner. When Danzler sent him through that table at Champions Tournament, he didn't realize he was bringing him back to his roots.

MM: Gunner back in the ring, standing over Danzler's body. And a Standing Leg Drop by Gunner. Tremendous impact there. And now another Standing Leg Drop. Now Gunner steps out of the ring and checks underneath the apron.

PT: Lots of surprises under there, and this is No DQ. He's picking up a steel chair, I love it!

MM: Gunner back into the ring with chair in hand as Danzler slowly makes his way back to his feet. Danzler backs into the corner where that table is leaned against the turnbuckle, he better be careful. Gunner approaching him, weapon in hand. Swings and--no--Danzler ducks! Gunner turns back around, and SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR THROUGH THE TABLE! Cam Danzler just plowed Gunner with his finishing Spear, breaking the table in half, and scoring the first decision of this match!

[Crowd pops at the sight of Gunner going through the table.]

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Cam Danzler has secured a decision!

[Crowd boos.]

PT: It looked like Danzler lured Gunner into the corner and speared him halfway to Milwaukee! One more table and he's the winner!

MM: Referee giving Gunner time to get back to his feet before resuming the match. And, get a load of this--Gunner is smiling. He's actually smiling about this.

PT: I told ya, this guy LOVES pain! He's probably having alley fight flashbacks right about now.

MM: Gunner back to his feet, and the match is back on. Gunner motions to Danzler to bring more, this guy just functions on brutality! His tolerance for pain is reminiscent of the great Mick Foley. They tie up, and Danzler with a wrist lock. Reversal into a shoulder lock by Gunner. Gunner, torquing that shoulder grip stronger. Now he lifts up Danzler, and an Atomic Drop! Great move there by Gunner. He grabs that chair again from the mat, and JEEZ ALOU!--He wrapped that steel right around the skull of Cam Danzler!

PT: What a shot to the head! Gunner doing his best impression of Chicago Cub Anthony Rizzo right there!

MM: And now more shots as Gunner drives the chair into Danzler's rib cage! The crowd is going crazy!


MM: Gunner treating that steel chair like a dirty rug, beating out the dust on Danzler! Now he lets go of what's become a mangled foreign object. Picking up Danzler, sends him off the ropes, and launches him over the top rope onto the floor right in front of us! Danzler sent flying onto the concrete. And Gunner here, picks his opponent back up and---look at that! Cam Danzler has been busted open.

PT: That chair shot to the skull combined with being launched onto the concrete, Cam Danzler looks like a victim in a Game Of Thrones episode!

MM: Gunner is married to pain, and you could certainly call this a Red Wedding, that's for sure. Gunner now lays Danzler right on our announce table. Heads up partner, let's get out of the way of this one!

PT: The ultimate revenge! This is where it all started! Danzler sent Gunner through this exact table at Champions Tournament using a Michinoku Driver, and Gunner now looking to return the favor! I love it!

MM: Both men on top of our table now. Gunner setting Danzler up for what looks like a Powerbomb. He's got The Unchained Beast set up between his legs, and he raises his fist to a raucous McGrath Arena!

[Crowd chants DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!]

MM: Here we go, Danzler's gonna go for a ride! But no---blocked by Danzler! Gunner attempts to lift him again, and Danzler blocks it again! Danzler drops to his knees now, and OH C'MON! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! A Low Blow by Cam Danzler. And sweet Moses that's legal in this match!

[Crowd boos violently and chants DANZLER SUCKS!]

PT: Danzler was in a bad way and he found his only out. No DQ so there's no penalty for that move. It might be dirty but it was the smartest thing he could do there to avoid being put through a table and this match evening up at one decision apiece. Gunner gets it right in his bullets!

MM: Danzler now sweeps the legs out from underneath Gunner, sending him falling back first onto the table, but the table remains intact. Cam Danzler all of a sudden in position to end this one. This whole thing started with the announce table, will it end with an announce table?

PT: I know Gunner loves pain, but no matter how much you love pain, no one smiles after receiving a low blow!

MM: Danzler hops off our announce table. What's he doing here? Danzler reaches into his boot and, ohhh nooo. Look at this. Brass knuckles! Danzler had brass knuckles in his right boot. I'm not one for jewelry, and this would certainly be my last choice of accessory piece.

PT: Killer Cam getting on Gunner's 'street' level right about now!

MM: Danzler now with a series of right hands to the face of Gunner! Right after right after right! This is, this is sickening! Enough Cam! That's enough!

PT: This is not a pretty site, Double M! Gunner being beaten to a pulp right before our eyes, and he's completely cut open now. There is blood everywhere!

MM: His face is starting to not look like a face anymore! The carnage! But...wait a second...are you seeing this, PT?

PT: I don't believe it! Gunner is laughing! He's actually laughing! Pain looks like it's pleasure. This guy's threshold is insane.

MM: Gunner taking brass knucks to the face and laughing about it. Danzler showing a look of frustration finally lets up the assault. He had to have punched him 15 or 20 times with those brass knuckles. I'm not sure if our microphones picked that up, but Danzler just shouted at Gunner, "You won't be laughing in a minute, BITCH!"

PT: I think the laughter only let the Beast loose from his chains!

MM: Will Danzler finish off Gunner here? The Hell's Angel flat on his back on top of our announce table. What's Cam Danzler thinking? He's up on the apron, and, oh boy, he's climbing the turnbuckle! Every person in this arena is on their feet! Cam Danzler, is he gonna fly? Danzler, from the top rope, MOONSAULT! MOONSAULT! The table collapses underneath!

[Crowd chants HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!]

MM: That's it! This one's over! Gunner driven through our announce table on the Cam Danzler Moonsault! Danzler started this at Champions Tournament putting Gunner through our announce table, and he ends it by putting him through the very same table!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner....CAAAAAM DANZLER!

[Crowd boos as Danzler celebrates over Gunner's lifeless body.]

PT: Danzler seized the opportunity before him. It looked like he was gonna go through the table originally, but he played dirty with the low blow and it paid off. Perhaps he's proven himself worthy of a title shot to President Raj NATION with that win!

MM: As Danzler exits it's time now, friends, for our main event! We've got a rematch from the quarterfinals of Champions Tournament. "El Fuego" Juan Tamale takes on MNR Champion Ace Hopper, and the title is on the line!

[Multi-colored flashing lights fill the arena as "El Fuego" Juan Tamale enters in a palm tree-designed cubavera shirt. He's wearing aviator sunglasses while a bikini model fans him with a giant palm leaf. He does dismissive hand motions to the crowd and counts money with the crowd reigning down boos.]

MM: Tamale took Hopper to the limit in their first round encounter at Champions Tournament! He couldn't quite seal the deal, and afterwards placed blame on the fan in the front seat who got into a verbal altercation with him, leading Tamale to spit in that fans face. Hopefully this time around he'll keep his saliva to himself.

PT: He had every right to blame him too! That fan had no business mouthing off at the Heart of Havana!

MM: These fans pay their hard-earned money, PT, they get to cheer for who they want, and boo who they want.

PT: If none of these front row freaks get in Juan Tamale's way, I think we're gonna see a new champion by the end of the night!

MM: Remember friends, you can talk about this match on social media using #MondayNightRaj, and mentioning @RajNATION!

[Pyro shoots from stage right as the intro to the song concludes, and Ace Hopper appears from behind the curtain wearing a hoodie with the hood up to a thunderous reaction from the crowd. He holds his MNR Championship high in salute to the crowd, as they begin chanting "HOP-PER!" to the beat of the song.]

MM: The energy in McGrath Arena is palpable! I can hardly hear myself talk right now!

PT: That's a good thing, maybe I'll get a chance to speak then, Double M! It's like the Blackhawks just landed at Midway after winning a Stanley Cup! These fans greeting their new hometown champion with a standing ovation!

MM: And remember PT, remember when Tamale and Hopper locked up in Champions Tournament, just before the spitting incident, Tamale whipped Hopper shoulder first into the steel steps, which Hopper had bandaged up the rest of the tournament. Now we're told, we're TOLD, that the shoulder is 100%, but partner you know from your days in the ring that it doesn't take much to reinjure.

PT: That's exactly right. This is a physical sport. And with a shoulder injury, sometimes all it takes is a shoulder lock, or falling awkwardly to damage a nerve, a tendon, or the muscle.

[Both men stand in the ring as the lights dim and the ring announcer makes introductions.]

Ring Announcer: The following is a singles match scheduled for a 20-minute time limit, and it is for the Monday Night Raj Championship!

[Crowd cheers]

Ring Announcer: Victory comes from pinfall, submission, disqualification, or countout. However, the title can only change hands on a pinfall or submission. Introducing first, the challenger, from Havana Cuba..."EL FUEGO"...JUAN! TAMAAAAAALLLEEEEEEEE!

[Crowd boos as Tamale basks in the breeze from the palm leaf of his bikini'd assistant.]

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from CHICAAAAAGOOOOOO, he is the Monday Night Raj Champion! AAAAACE HOPPEEEEEEEEERRR!

[Crowd goes into a frenzy.]

MM: As the moon overtake the sun outside, the lights are bright inside McGrath Arena for this championship match!

[Bell rings to begin the match.]

MM: There's the bell, and this match is on! Hopper and Tamale wasting no time going right up against each other and exchanging hard rights and lefts! Hopper with lefts, Tamale with rights! Back and forth they go, and now Tamale ducks. And a roll up from behind! 1---2----kickout by Hopper! Wow we almost had a new champion in about 10 seconds!

PT: Crafty maneuver by Tamale right there! He caught the champ completely off guard. Tamale proving once again that HE is the reason why President Obama lifted the embargo on Cuba!

MM: Now they circle each other in the ring. Here's a tie up. Wrist Lock by the champion. And now a Hip Toss puts Tamale on the mat.  Hopper off the ropes, here's a Leg Drop, but Tamale moves out of the way. Tamale off the ropes now and a quick drop kick to the upper body of Hopper, who was recovering on the ground from the missed Leg Drop. Tamale now with a Headlock to the seated Hopper. Now it's Hopper with a reversal, flipping Tamale forward onto his back! But Tamale still with the grip around Hoppers neck and forehead. Referee checking to see if the shoulders are down, but Tamale appears safe. Hopper getting back to his feet, and Tamale STILL with that Headlock applied while his body is essentially reversed.

PT: This back and forth is exciting, where's it gonna lead!

MM: Tamale, uses the ropes for leverage, climbs up them and flips back onto Hopper, dropping him in what looked like a variation of the finishing move made famous by The Brian Kendrick. Tamale now with a cover, 1---and a kickout at 1. Tamale now picks up Hopper, but Hopper reverses with an Inside Cradle! 1---2----kickout by Tamale! Both men back to their feet in fighting stance as the crowd applauds in approval!

PT: These two have such similar styles that it lends to being able to predict what might come next and anticipate that in your opponent. The key is you have to do something unpredictable!

MM: They lock up again, and now it's Hopper with a knee to the gut. Hopper sets up Tamale and delivers a textbook Snap Suplex from the Champion. Hopper headed to the corner, he climbs to the second rope as Tamale comes back to his feet. Here's Hopper with a Flying Forearm, sending Tamale backpedaling into the opposite corner. And now a Running Clothesline to the challenger in the corner!

PT: Little bit of momentum building for the Champion, let's see what he can do with it.

MM: Hopper on top of El Fuego climbs to the second rope. Right hand to the head, and another, and another!

[Crowd counts along as Hopper continues to punch Tamale.]







[Hopper holds hands above his head together to form a spade as the crowd goes OOOOOOOOH!]


MM: Ace Hopper knocking the senses out of his opponent with those fists! He now grabs Tamale at both hands, and a Monkey Flip to El Fuego, but he lands on his feet! Tamale, turns around, goes for Vaya Con Dios, the Superkick! But Hopper catches his foot! Hopper spins around Tamale on his pivot foot! Kick to the gut! Setting up Tamale now, what's it gonna be? PILEDRIVER! Juan Tamale dropped on his head with a Piledriver! Here's the cover, hook of the leg!



Kickout at 2 and a half!

PT: Juan Tamale kicking out on instinct right there, he's got to be completely disoriented after that Piledriver!

MM: Wait--get a load of this! Tamale's assistant in the bikini up on the apron distracting Hopper! 

PT: I know a thing or two about being pretty, and this girl passes my visual exam with flying colors!

MM: Hopper telling the girl to get down from the apron, Tamale coming from behind, but Hopper side steps out of the way! Tamale stops just short before accidentally striking his assistant! Now he's yelling at her in Spanish. If my high school Spanish classes prepped me for anything, it would be this moment. From what I can gather, Tamale is chewing her out for botching their diversion attempt on Hopper. And speaking of Hopper, here he comes off the ropes, Tamale turns back around, and Hopper with a Running Knee! Running Knee to the head of El Fuego Juan Tamale! That's his setup move!

[Crowd pops and chants ACE! OF! SPADES!]

MM: Hopper pointing to the top rope and the fans give their unanimous approval! Up top goes Hopper! From the top rope, he puts his hands together above his head to form an ace of spades! He leaps, and connects with the Ace Of Spades! The Shooting Star Press into a Frog Splash which he calls the Ace Of Spades! Cover on Tamale!




[Crowd celebrates the victory with a tremendous pop.]

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner and STILL MNR Champion! AAAACE HOPPPEEEEERRRRRR!!

MM: Ace Hopper retaining his Championship against El Fuego Juan Tamale! A tremendous performance from the champion!

PT: Hopper brought his A game tonight, I'll give him credit! Tamale came in with a plan, but it looks like his plan backfired. This one falls on the shoulders of his assistant, I can tell you that much.

MM: Well in Juan Tamale's eyes it's never his fault, so I'm sure he'll agree with you on that one, PT!

Hopper celebrating in the ring with the MNR Championship held high! What a night here at Monday Night Raj: All Out Fallout! We thank you for joining us! From a sold out McGrath---hey, what the, what's that?

[Hopper's music cuts out and a different song plays through the speakers.]

[A hush fills the arena as fans attempt to guess what's happening.]

[Out walks a massive person with a Brock Lesnar-like build, wearing SWAT team-like gear, with a bandana mask leaving only his eyes visible. The bandana has skeleton facial bones on it. He stands at the top of the ramp while Ace Hopper looks on from the ring in confusion. Slowly, the man lowers the mask.]


[The crowd goes crazy and the arena reaches deafening levels.]

PT: WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE?! This man has systematically dissected everyone who has ever crossed his path! He's undefeated in every other league he's competed in, and now he's here?! Is he coming for Ace Hopper??

[Hopper looks to the ramp in disbelief. Brutice Johnson walks to the ring slowly.]

MM: I don't believe my eyes right now!

PT: If Ace Hopper knows what's good for him, he'll take that Championship and leapfrog on outta the ring and exit through the crowd!

[Brutice Johnson steps into the ring and stands face to face with Hopper, towering over him by 4 or 5 inches. Fans begin chanting HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!]

MM: But he's not budging, PT! Hopper is standing his ground!

[Hopper holds the MNR Championship high overhead as him and Johnson both stare at it. Fans get even louder.]

MM: Hopper speaking volumes without saying a word! And now Brutice sucker punches him square in the jaw! Now a kick to the gut! And OH NOOO--sets him up between his legs. He's won titles around the world with this move! Brutice Johnson lifts Hopper high overhead! Plants him into the mat with the Brutice Maximus! MY STARS, Ace Hopper bouncing off the canvas from the Last Ride Powerbomb, which Brutice Johnson calls the Brutice Maximus!

[Fans begin chanting HOLY SHIT! again.]

PT: AM I DREAMING?! I can't believe what just happened McFly! BRUTICE JOHNSON IS HERE, AND HE'S HERE FOR ACE HOPPER!

[Johnson picks up the MNR Championship, stares at it for a moment, then lays it across the waist of a lifeless Ace Hopper. the screen fades to black as the show comes to a close.]