[The ring bell rings 3 times to honor the legacy of all wrestlers who have passed away, followed by a pyro display and a sea of fans in an uproar.]

Magnum McFly: Ladies & Gentlemen we welcome you to Chicago, Illinois! We welcome you to the neighborhood of Lincoln Park! We welcome you to the campus of DePaul University and a sold out McGrath Arena! We welcome you to Champions Tournament, we welcome you to the debut episode of... MONDAY! NIGHT! RAJ!

Hello everyone, we're honored you've joined us. Magnum McFly here alongside my broadcast partner Pretty & Terrific "P.T." Barnum. The energy is electric inside of McGrath Arena, as we officially kickoff the long anticipated and highly awaited Champions Tournament!

P.T. Barnum: That's right McFly, 8 wrestlers, 7 matches in total tonight, with 2 titles waiting to be bestowed upon the ones who have the grit to make it to the finish line. It doesn't get any better than this. Set your DVRs now because you will want to watch this one back over and over again!

MM: We take you to the center of the ring now where President Raj NATION is ready to address the sold out McGrath Arena.

[Raj NATION stands in the ring with the MNR Championship and Web Championship in glass cases on either side of him.]

Raj NATION: Who's ready for a FIGHT?!

[Crowd goes wild]

RN: Tonight we kickoff the beginning of a legacy. The question is, who wants their legacy to be cemented, and whose legacy will wear cement shoes? Will it be Ace Hopper?

[Crowd cheers]

RN: Will it be Night Nurse?

[Crowd boos]

RN: The Funky diabetic?

[Crowd cheers]

RN: Or "Superstar" Steve Steele?

[Crowd boos violently]

RN: Will it be--

[NATION gets interrupted by Steve Steele backstage on the big screen. Steve's in a $9,000 Armani suit.]

Steve Steele: Nation, Nation Nation...I don't see why you're still talking? You already declared the winner when you mentioned the original superstar, "Superstar" Steve Steele. See it's plain and simple. Do the math, and the one who wins this whole thing gets the payday of not one, not two, but 3 matches plus the Champions bonus. And seeing as how I've had my eyes for the last, well, DAY, on a new private jet--my 3rd if you're keeping score at home--winning this damn tournament is a quicker route than waiting for my endorsement checks to come in at the end of the month. Now let's hurry this stupid tournament along. Kanye West has a release party for A-listers only here in the Second Class City, and I don't wanna be late.

[Big Screen dims.]

[Night Nurse enters wearing scrubs, with a nurse hat, and stethoscope in her ears. She puts 2 fingers to her wrist pulse then points to the crowd with a thumbs down, signifying the pulse of the crowd is dead. Crowd boos.]

Ring Announcer: The following is a Champions Tournament quarterfinals match scheduled for one-fall. A winner may only be declared by pinfall, submission, or countout. Making her way to the ring, from Raleigh North Carolina, Night Nurse!

[Lord Voldemort appears on the big screen and shoots a lightning bolt to the top of the entryway.]

[The Funky Diabetic walks to the ring in Tar Heel blue khaki shorts holding an insulin case as the crowd cheers.]

Ring Announcer: And her opponent, from Boston Massachusetts, The Fuuunky Diabetic!

[Bell rings to start the match.]

MM: And here we go! Funky Diabetic and Night Nurse squaring off in an almost perfect matchup. One gets treated in a medical facility by the other. They tie up and Night Nurse puts Funky in a headlock.

PT: Hopefully we don't have to bear witness to this overweight and grotesque Diabetic for too long. Night Nurse said she was here to cleanse, and I hope she follows through on her word.

MM: Well, looks are subjective I guess. Funky pushes Night Nurse into the ropes and a hard clothesline! Wow what power. And now Funky going for a half crab but Night Nurse playing possum counters into a small package pin! 1-2--and Funky kicks out. Funky nearly let this one slip away quickly, great ring awareness from Night Nurse.

PT: You have to be careful with Night Nurse, she's quick, she's spunky, and she knows the human body better than anyone.

MM: Now Night Nurse stomping away at Funky. And Barnum you're right, she may be small, but she's quick, and her medical background gives her the upper hand in any environment. Now Night Nurse off the ropes and hits a sliding leg drop. This crowd is not enjoying what they're seeing so far. Night Nurse brings Funky up to his feet, and a hard punch to the gut. Now she climbs the turnbuckle, from the second rope--JEEZ ALOU! a flying kick to the head. Funky's gada be out cold. Here's the cover, hook of the leg! 1--2--, and no, Funky kicks out.

PT: Maybe he didn't take his insulin shot before the match. Funky Diabetic looks drained out there McFly.

MM: Meanwhile Night Nurse looks like she downed a 5-hour energy before the match with the lightning quick moves she's pulling off. Diabetic getting back to his feet now. Irish whip by Night Nurse reversed by Funky. Nurse off the ropes and Funky slaps a sleeper hold on her. If he executes this combo, this is his finishing move! He calls it the Shot of Insulin. Night Nurse fighting the sleeper. Funky hooks the leg and there it is! Modified Russian Leg Sweep while still holding the sleeper, that's the Shot of Insulin! The crowd is roaring!

PT: That was out of nowhere, and if Funky can muster the strength to cover her, this one's over!

MM: Both of these 2 competitors are out like a light. Funky had an opening there and took it, but PT as you said, perhaps he didn't take his own insulin shot before the match because that looks like the only gas he had in the tank. Referee's count is now at 5 as we start to see some movement from Night Nurse. Funky Diabetic is still down, and we haven't seen any movement.

PT: Count now at 7. Night Nurse is up, but I don't think she should do anything, Diabetic might be done for. She can win this thing on a 10-count. The crowd's cheering on Funky but I don't know if it's enough.

MM: You're onto something PT. Night Nurse is hanging out in the corner, but wait, now there's some movement from Funky. Refs count is at 9 as Funky crawls to the corner, he's on one knee, is he gonna get up?! It looks like it, but no, he can't do it! The ref calls for the bell, Funky Diabetic got to a knee, but not to a foot.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...Night Nurse!

PT: Night Nurse can't ask for a better outcome. Minimal effort expended and she picks up the win. Champions Tournament takes stamina to make it to the finish, and Night Nurse's medical knowledge allowed her to pick her spots to a clearly ailing Funky Diabetic.

MM: He'll get medical attention as he heads to the back. So let's take a look at the updated bracket now while Night Nurse celebrates in the ring.

MM: Night Nurse advances and faces the winner of Steve Steele and The Stone Man. And that match is next!

[The Stone Man walks to the ring with a slight hunch, wearing his Fred Flintstone-like attire and caveman symbols painted on his face, with no music playing. He's holding a splintered plank of wood as he enters.]

Ring Announcer: The following is a quarterfinals Champions Tournament contest scheduled for one-fall. Making his way to the ring, from the depths of the jungle, The Stone Man!

[Half the crowd cheers while the other half remain silent.]

PT: I don't know why they let this thing come out of the jungle. Some animals are better left in their natural habitat.

MM: C'mon now, he's not an animal, he's just not with the times.

[Steve Steele appears at the top of the entryway to a chorus of boos. He's wearing his $9,000 black Armani suit soaking in the boos. He starts to walk towards the ring, then pauses, turns around and points to the curtain. Out walks Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers as the crowd boos even louder.]

Ring announcer: His opponent, being accompanied by Aaron Rodgers, currently residing in Miami, Florida, "SUPERSTAR" Steve Steeeeele!

PT: This is what the fans paid to see right here, McFly! The Superstar of Superstars, The Alpha A-lister, Superstar Steve Steele!

MM: Well P.T. I've got an arena of Monday Night Raj fans I can point to as evidence that this is not who they came to see. Never one to please, Steve Steele only aggravating this capacity crowd by bringing out Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers here in Bears Country.

[Steele enters the ring and sits on a stool in the corner and takes off his suit top. He then stands up and slowly tears away his pants to reveal his custom-tights which always showcase the faces of his celebrity friends. On this occasion, his tights feature the entire Kardashian Family. The crowd boos louder.]

PT: There it is! Superstar Steve Steele with Khloe, Kylie, Kim, and the whole family featured prominently on his tights. We are in the presence of celebrity royalty right now McFly!

MM: Well Steele did say he had a Kanye West release party to attend to later tonight. Not sure where that is, or why no one else has heard of it.

PT: That's because you're not an A-lister McFly! Get on his level and you'll get the VIP invitations!

MM: So you're familiar with the party then P.T.?

PT: I have my sources, and Steele texted me a location earlier today. I plan to be there.

MM: Well be sure to take photos so the rest of us "commoners" can see proof. 

MM: In any case, this match is underway! The Stone Man and Superstar Steve Steele squaring off in a quarterfinals contest. It couldn't be more polar opposites facing each other in this one. Stone Man hasn't spoken all week, while Steele hasn't shut up.

PT: I'm not even sure Stone Man knows HOW to speak.

MM: Begrudgingly, I may have to agree with you. In the early goings of this match it's all Superstar. Hard rights and lefts to the marked up face of Stone Man.

PT: Steele's adding a few more marks with those fists.

MM: Stone Man goes for a Clothesline but Steele ducks and executes a textbook hip toss. Now he applies an on-ground Abdominal Stretch to his opponent. Steele is rich, we know that. Steele is famous, we know that. Steele is cocky, we know that. But can he back it up? We now get to find out. Stone Man not giving up as the ref asks him if the Abdominal stretch is too much. Now he gets to his feet with the hold still applied and kicks Steele in the shin. Another kick and Steele breaks the hold. Now Stone Man with hard rights of his own. Crowd getting behind Stone Man. Now into the corner and a vicious headbutt to Steele's collarbone, as Steele falls to the mat in pain. Stone Man drops a big elbow right to the sternum of Steele. Now a quick cover! 1--and no, just a 1-count.

PT: I don't like Stone Man, and I'm convinced he has half a brain, but at least that half is wise enough to play the mind game of an early pin. Knowing Steele is going to kick out, but still making him expend the energy.

MM: Stone Man controlling the offense now. He brings Steele to his feet and sets up for a Vertical Suplex. Up goes Steele, and down goes Steele! The Superstar of Superstars in a bad way right now as Aaron Rodgers looks on from the outside concerned. Stone Man picks up Steele's legs and launches him face first into the turnbuckle with a catapult. Now from behind, setting up for the Belly To Back Suplex, that's his setup move! Blocked by Steele though. Another attempt, and another block. Now an elbow to the side of the head from Steele. Another elbow, and another. Stone Man still with a grip around Steele's waist. And what's this? Aaron Rodgers up onto the apron distracting the ref. Rodgers has the ref's attention, and JEEZ ALOU--a low-blow with his boot! Superstar Steve Steele hits Stone Man in his smoke signaler.

PT: He'll outsmart ya, and playing dirty is playing to win.

MM: Stone Man hunched over holding his privates in pain. Steele now off the ropes, leaps into the air and a Fameasser on Stone Man. Great move right there. Now a cover, hook of the leg, 1-2--2 count only! Stone Man kicks out. Steele now showing off to the crowd, flexing his biceps. Lined up here with his back to Stone Man, a fantastic Standing Moonsault into a cover, 1--2--it may be all, and no! Stone Man kicks out.

PT: Steele has an arsenal of moves, each one of them executed flawlessly. This guy is everything these fans want to be. Are you a baseball fan McFly?

MM: Yeah?

PT: Well you know they renamed the Florida Marlins the Miami Marlins after hearing Steve Steele would be residing there for awhile. Figured it would be better to clearly align with the city where he chooses to live.

MM: Well I'm not sure about the chronology on that one, but nevertheless Steve Steele is bringing it to Stone Man. Steele with his arm around Stone Man's neck. To the second rope, leaps, and a beautiful swinging DDT. Doesn't get much prettier than that.

PT: I am the standard for Pretty and I approve that message.

MM: Crowd not liking how this one's unfolding. Steele pointing to himself now and I think that means he's ready for The Stepping Stone. Stomps on Stone Man's chest, now bounces off the ropes. Stops, points to Aaron Rodgers, and a Standing Swanton Bomb! That had to hurt!

PT: The amount of core strength it takes to do a Standing Swanton. Another impressive move by Steele. He calls that combination The Stepping Stone!

MM: Steele soaking in the boos now as Aaron Rodgers applauds from the outside. Steele climbing to the top rope, could we see The Superstar Press? he's standing on the top rope! Looks at Rodgers, they exchange Discount Double Check poses, he leaps and there it is! Flying Shooting Star Press into an Elbow Drop! That's the Superstar Press! He goes for the cover, and you can tie a bow on this one. 1--2--3! It's over!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."SUPERSTAR" Steve Steeele!

[Crowd throws trash into the ring in disgust.]

PT: These fans make me sick. They witness an icon like Steve Steele. Steele is kind enough to grace them with his presence, and they trash him, literally. Second Class City indeed!

MM: Like it or not, Steve Steele advances now to face Night Nurse in the Semi-finals, as we take a look at the updated bracket.

MM: Friends it's time for a heated contest. They've been jabbing back and forth all week. Ace Hopper takes on "El Fuego" Juan Tamale, and that match starts now!

[Multi-colored flashing lights fill the arena as "El Fuego" Juan Tamale enters in a palm tree-designed cubavera shirt. He's wearing aviator sunglasses while a bikini model fans him with a giant palm leaf. He does dismissive hand motions to the crowd and counts money with the crowd reigning down boos.]

Ring Announcer: Esta es un quarterfinals jugando en el Tournament de Campeones. Ahora, entrar en el ring, de Havana, Cuba, "El Fuego"...Juan TAMALE!

PT: Who knew our ring announcer knew Spanish?

MM: Friends, while Juan Tamale enters, we'd like to take this time to inform you that you can talk all about this match on social media using the hashtag #MondayNightRaj, and mentioning @RajNATION!

[Pyro shoots from stage right as the intro to the song concludes, and Ace Hopper appears from behind the curtain wearing a hoodie with the hood up to a thunderous reaction from the crowd. They begin chanting "HOP-PER!" to the beat of the song.]

MM: And here he is! The bluechip of Monday Night Raj! The hometown hero!

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from CHICAGO...ACE! HOPPPEERRRR!

MM: Hopper definitely with the homefield advantage in this one--and wait! El Fuego attacks him from behind before he's finished even taking his hoodie off. This one is underway folks, El Fuego wasting no time!

PT: And why should he? Time is money, and El Fuego wants to get paid!

MM: Fuego clubbing Hopper in the back! Now he drops to his knees, and a wicked uppercut to the man known as The Mercenary With A Mouth! El Fuego now off the ropes and plants a dropkick on Hopper. These 2 have been verbally sparring all week. Tamale calling Ace Hopper Ace of Bass at one point, which Hopper did not appreciate.

PT: Ace of Bass alright, and tonight Tamale is gonna show Hopper The Sign.

MM: Tamale sends Hopper off the ropes, and a backbody drop sends Hopper out of the ring onto the concrete floor. First time all night we've seen action outside the ring. El Fuego Juan Tamale, he's obsessed with power, he's obsessed with luxury, but he's also obsessed with gold, and we all know what championship belts are made of. Tamale now OH! OH MY STARS! Juan Tamale whips Ace Hopper into the steel steps, Hopper may have a fractured shoulder.

PT: El Fuego launched the undersized Hopper into those steps as if Hopper had just insulted his mama! He'll be lucky if he only has a fractured shoulder.

MM: Tamale now, getting into an altercation with a fan in the front row, and oh c'mon! Really?! Really? El Fuego Juan Tamale SPITS in that fan's face! You talk about disrespectful. That fan paid his hard-earned money to cheer for who he wants, and El Fuego spits on him. Unacceptable behavior!

PT: That fan knows what comes with sitting on the frontlines, and Tamale just put him in place.

MM: Agree to disagree, P.T. Tamale still getting in that fan's face, shouting curse words in Spanish at him. From behind now Hopper with a double Axehandle to the back of the head! The distracted Tamale took his eyes off Hopper for too long, and it cost him. Hopper now rolls Tamale back into the ring. he's clutching that right shoulder. It can't feel good after an Irish Whip into the steel steps. Hopper now on the apron, he's dangerous from there. Hopper, bounces off of the top rope, somersault in the air and lays a Flying Neckbreaker on Tamale coming out of the somersault! Hell of a maneuver from Hopper, but it cost him as well, as he comes up still favoring that right shoulder.

PT: Hopper connected well on that one, but if he doesn't keep his own physical limitations in mind, it's going to cost him. Tamale knew exactly what he was doing in damaging his shoulder.

MM: Hopper picks up Tamale now. Fisherman's Suplex into a pin! Could this be it? 1--2--kickout by Tamale! Magnificent Fisherman's Suplex from Hopper, and I want you take note of something there, P.T.. Hopper is right-side dominant, but with the ailing right shoulder, he lined up Tamale on his left side instead. This kid may be small, but he's got power, even from the weak side. This Champion's Tournament means a lot to both competitors. It means a lot to all 8 competitors. These wrestlers will do whatever it takes to win!

Hopper now looking to apply a Half Crab on Tamale. Tamale resisting the turn though. Hopper trying to turn him onto his stomach, but Tamale spins out and sends Hopper flying to the ground! Tamale back on his feet now stomping Hopper in his injured right shoulder.

PT: Great idea by Tamale, go after the low-hanging fruit in what already hurts your opponent. This man is the reason President Obama lifted the embargo on Cuba. Finer than cigars, it's The Cuban Cruiserweight "El Fuego" Juan Tamale!

MM: Hopper to his feet. And sent right back down with a vicious DDT. Tamale's bikini model claps in approval from the outside. Sleeper hold applied on Hopper now! Hopper fading fast.

PT: Goodnight Ace Hopper! Don't play with fire or you will get burned!

MM: Referee checking on Hopper as the fans rally behind him to get him back into it.

[Crowd chants Ace! Of! Spades!]

MM: Hopper looks like he's out! Ref raises his arm once. It drops, that's 1! Is this it for Hopper? Another raise of the arm, that's 2! I think he's out P.T.! Ace Hopper is out cold from the sleeper hold. Final raise of the arm, thre--no! wait just a minute! Hopper gains control of his arm! He's pumping his fist, these fans are behind him! Hopper now to one knee, and an elbow to the stomach of El Fuego. Another elbow! Now on 2 feet with the sleeper still locked in.

PT: C'mon Tamale, put him away!

MM: Tamale sends Hopper into the ropes, going for the Superkick he calls Vaya Con Dios but Hopper ducks! Tamale turns around and Hopper with a Pele Kick right to the head! Pele Kick to Juan Tamale and both wrestlers are down. McGrath Arena is on their feet after that Pele Kick! Hopper now crawls onto Tamale for the pin! 1--2--kickout after 2 and a half!

PT: Hopper missed a victory by a half second, if he had been able to cover him sooner he would have won this.

MM: Both men coming to now. Tamale with a right hand!

[Crowd boos]

MM: Hopper responds with a hook of his own!

[Crowd cheers]

MM: Punches exchanged now as the crowd cheers each of Hopper's punches and boos Tamale's. Hopper now throws Tamale into the ropes, Hopper with a clothesline but Tamale ducks and Hopper levels the referee! Hopper turns around and, OH! JEEZ ALOU! Vaya con Dios from Tamale. That Superkick almost decapitated Hopper, who accidentally clotheslined the ref after Tamale ducked. Tamale now covers Hopper but there's no ref to count!

PT: C'mon ref this is a 3-count waiting to happen! Tamale advances all you have to do is count the damn pin!

MM: Tamale realizes there's no ref now. And what's he doing? Tamale coming over to our announce table and grabbing a steel chair from the ring announcer.

PT: That's how you get it done McFly! You don't accumulate the power El Fuego has by playing by the rules.

MM: Tamale into the ring with that steel chair now, what's he going to do? He's going up top. Oh no, don't tell me? He's holding that steel chair and I think he's going for the Cuban Missile, his version of the Shooting Star Press, with a chair in hand. Hopper is still out cold. This one's just about over! Tamale with the Cuban Missile--but Hopper rolls out of the way! That Cuban Missile Shooting Star Press with the steel chair turned into a Cuban Missile Crisis for El Fuego! And if he hasn't eaten dinner yet, he just got served up a face full of steel chair!

PT: One of the perils of playing dirty is that it can backfire on you, and just like you said McFly, we have a Cuban Missile Crisis on our hands.

MM: Hopper slides the chair out of the ring now. He's amping up this crowd, setting up for a Running Knee from the corner. Tamale to his feet---and back to the mat! Running Knee to the face from Ace Hopper! 

PT: Is Hopper gonna put out the fire here?

MM: These 2 competitors are very similar in their fighting style and move set. Tamale finishes his opponents with a top rope Shooting Star Press called The Cuban Missile. Hopper does the same but finishes it with a Flying Elbow called the Ace of Spades. Could it be time to put the cards on the table?

[Fans begin chanting Ace! Of! Spades!]

MM: Hopper climbing the turnbuckle now. He's up top. Puts his hands together and signals a spade. And there it is! The Ace of Spades on Tamale! Here's the cover! Referee crawling over...1......2.......3! He did it! He did it! Ace Hopper is moving onto the semifinals!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...Ace HOPPER!

[Crowd cheers on Hopper as his music plays.]

MM: What a matchup between Tamale and Hopper! Tamale gave it his all but his decision to grab the steel chair backfired, and Hopper picked up the win. Let's take a look at the bracket, it'll be Ace Hopper advancing to the semifinals and facing the winner of our next contest between Cam Danzler and Gunner.

MM: What a night it has been so far, and keep in mind this is only the quarterfinals. We still got 4 great matchups ahead of us.

[A pop of spray pyro goes off around the big screen as Gunner's music hits.]

[Gunner walks out in a biker vest that reads "Gunner Nation" on the back, with black pants, and black boots with purple laces. Crowd is split between boos and cheers.]

Ring Announcer: The following is the last Champions Tournament quarterfinals contest. First, making his way to the ring, hailing from San Bernardino, California...GUNNER!

MM: If you're into pain and violence, you're into Gunner. If you like your violence clean and by the books, Gunner's not your guy. Traditional wrestling fans here in Chicago seem to be on Gunner's side, but the younger crowd is all thumbs down.

Hey---what the hell?!

[As Gunner walks down the aisle, Cam Danzler attacks him from behind.]

PT: Cam Danzler wasting no time, takes out Gunner from behind during his entrance. It's not pretty but it is effective!

MM: Danzler beating Gunner to a pulp in the aisle! Gunner is helpless! Punches to the head from an aggressive Danzler. Referees running out now trying to restrain order but you don't wanna mess with the freakish Cam Danzler! The beast is unchained. Danzler now grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Don't do it Cam, don't do it! WOW! Steel chair to the skull of Gunner. Friends the match hasn't even officially started yet. Danzler now continuing to assault Gunner with that chair.

PT: I'm a fan of Cam Danzler, but even this is taking it too far.

MM: Danzler now picking up Gunner, and he whips him into the steel barricade! That's gada be a cracked rib. We're talking internal injuries for sure here. Gunner absolutely helpless. Fans trying to bring some life to him but he's absolutely lifeless from this beating.

PT: Where's President NATION in all of this? Is he going to let this fly?

MM: His absence is conspicuous for sure. Danzler has snapped. This is a beast unchained, and I don't like one solitary second of it! Wait a minute...they're headed to our table now. Danzler positions Gunner up on our table, watch out P.T.

PT: I'm getting well out of the way of trouble, this does not look good for Gunner.

MM: What's he gonna do here? Calm down Cam! Just calm down! The Unchained Beast has destruction in his eyes! He picks up Gunner, and OH MY STARS! He just sent Gunner through our announce table with a Michinoku Driver! The Carnage! This isn't wrestling Cam! This isn't wrestling!

PT: Gunner was turned into a carcass by Cam Danzler, and The Unchained Beast is feasting on his lifeless body. Get some paramedics out here to check on Gunner.

[Danzler walks into the middle of the ring and throws his arms up in celebration.]

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen I have just received word from President Raj NATION that Gunner is unable to compete, and therefore Cam Danzler has been declared the winner.

[Crowd pours down boos on Danzler, who raises his arms up in celebration, pointing to himself shouting, "Don't let loose The Unchained Beast!"]

MM: Well isn't that just Danzler's cup of tea?! Obviously Gunner in no condition to compete, and Danzler advances.

Ring Announcer: HOWEVER, due to Cam Danzler's actions, he has been disqualified from the Champions Tournament!

[Fans erupt as Danzler paces the ring in disbelief. He shouts at the announcer, "I advanced! I advanced! You can't do this! He exits the ring and pounds his fists on the steel steps, and begins smacking a steel chair on the ground, enraged.]

MM: Well how do ya like that Cam?! President Raj NATION setting things right. Danzler technically wins a contest that never took place, and gets booted from the tournament!

PT: Hey I don't like what Danzler did, but he did what he had to in his mind. President NATION is abusing his power. Danzler has every right to be enraged right now!

MM: That means that Ace Hopper has just advanced to the finals. That should give him some extra time to rest up his shoulder. Let's take a look at the bracket now.

PT: Hopper automatically advancing to the finals as Danzler gets disqualified from the tournament. Again I don't agree with it, but it is what it is. We'll have one semifinals match now with Night Nurse and Steve Steele. That match starts now!

[Night Nurse enters to boos once again.]

[Steve Steele enters to even louder boos, this time with no Aaron Rodgers.]

MM: You don't have to like either of these competitors, but you have to respect their in-ring ability. The bell has rung and we are underway! They tie up, it's Night Nurse with a Shoulder Lock. We saw Night Nurse pretty much waltz to a victory over The Funky Diabetic at the top of the program in the quarterfinals, so she's definitely got the stamina advantage over Steve Steele in this one. Night Nurse with the shoulder lock applied, pushes Steele to the ropes, Steele falls back into a rollup! quick pin--1--2--only 2!

PT: The Living Legend used that A-List brain of his and nearly disposed of Night Nurse right out of the gate.

MM: Steele now sends Night Nurse off the ropes, picks her up, and a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on her! What finesse in that execution. Steele now coming off the ropes and a lays a Senton on Night Nurse. Steve Steele, The Superstar of Superstars, the Architect of A-Listers as he likes to call himself. He's got the Kardashian family painted on his tights and supposedly is headed to a Kanye West release party after Champions Tournament.

PT: Supposedly?! He's DEFINITELY headed there, Double M!

MM: I guess I'll have to take you're word for it, P.T.

Steele in control of this one. Irish whip of Night Nurse into the corner, and he charges at her with a shoulder to the midsection. More of a power move from the agile Steve Steele. Now Steele to the opposite corner, running across the ring and, did you HEAR that?! A running Enziguri to a cornered Night Nurse. She got his size 13 smack on the side of her head.

PT: Steele said during the week, "Some are here to be seen, I'm here to change the scene," and he's delivering on that so far.

MM: Steele now sends Night Nurse off the ropes, lines up for a Back Body Drop but Night Nurse counters into a Sunset Flip! Could this be it? 1--2--2 count only! Night Nurse saw an opening there and took it. Steele may have too easily telegraphed his intentions there, allowing Night Nurse to get the cover. Night Nurse now with Muay Thai kicks to the shins of Steele. Left, right, left, right. With the Kardashian Family painted on Steele's tights, each of these kicks are kicks to their faces. It's like Ray-J, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, and Lamar Odom are all out for revenge on their exes!

Night Nurse now, obsessed with curing the world of its ailments, obsessed with fulfilling the Hypocratic Oath, sets up Steele for a Pumphandle Slam, and she drops it on him good. Here's the cover, 1--2--kickout! We almost had a winner there.

PT: Where's Aaron Rodgers when ya need him?! C'mon Steve!

MM: I know you need him to gain access to that Kanye release party, so of course you're completely biased towards Steve Steele. I'm not saying I'm pro Night Nurse, but at least I'm calling this match objectively. Night Nurse now, setting Steele up in the corner. Positions him on the top turnbuckle. What's she gonna do here? A slap to the face, did you hear the sound of that?! Night Nurse with a 5-star salute to the side of Steve Steele's face! Now with Steele positioned on the top turnbuckle, she's lined up on the top rope in front of him, what's she got up her sleeve? She grabs Steele's head, and look at that! Ramming him face first into the mat with a top-rope X-Factor! That move was made famous by Sean Waltman, known as X-Pac, in the late 1990s, and Night Nurse did it off the top rope. 

PT: What is Night Nurse doing?! That face kisses babies! That face is meant for the cover of People Magazine, and Night Nurse is turning into a cover of National Geographic!

MM: Night Nurse standing over Steele, and hits a Standing Moonsault on the Superstar. Here's another cover, could be all--1--2--2 and a half, I thought that was 3! I thought that was 3! But the referee said Steele kicked out. Man was that close. Night Nurse dominant in this one.

Now she's going up top. What now? Off the top rope and a Suicide Dive, driving her head directly into the sternum of Steve Steele! Night Nurse with a Suicide Dive may have cracked Steele's sternum. And P.T., I suppose you'll tell me that Sternum was supposed to be featured on Muscle & Fitness Magazine right?

PT: It might be! You can't count out that possibility!

MM: Speaking of cracked body parts, remember Cam Danzler assaulted Gunner before this match. Gunner has been taken to a local medical facility, and we will keep you informed of any updates to his condition as we receive them.

Night Nurse picks up Steele and sends him off the ropes, now throws him over the top rope onto the floor, but Steele lands with 2 feet on the apron! Night Nurse doesn't realize, she's turned around to celebrate. Now she sees what's up and charges at Steele, but Steele with a Snap Mare, sending her throat first into the top rope! This should buy Steele some time! Steele now celebrating on the outside. Aww yeah Steve, you've sure got a lot to celebrate. You're ass has been handed to you this whole match and now you hit one move, go ahead and celebrate.

PT: What's past is past McFly! All that matter is what's happening now!

[Steele continues to celebrate outside the ring as the crowd starts chanting "SUPER-SUCK!"]

MM: Night Nurse charging off the rope, dives through the middle rope and onto Steele here right in front of us! That lack of humility cost Steele there. Night Nurse now climbing back up the turnbuckle. She's going off the top rope! Steele gets up, and a Flying Crossbody from Night nurse! Night nurse launching herself into the air throwing caution to the wind. Steve Steele is in trouble, plain and simple. Night Nurse appears to be taking Steele's pulse now and doesn't look too pleased that he's still breathing. She brings him back into the ring. Irish whip into the corner. She runs to the opposite corner. Here we go, Night Nurse charging, Running knee! Running knee! Night Nurse with a running knee to the face of Steve Steele, that can only mean one thing now! He's still up against the turnbuckle, and now she's climbing the rope going for the Code Blue. That's her finishing move, a Hurricanrana into a Small Package pinning manuever. Night Nurse positions her feet on on the second rope. Lining up for Code Blue--and Steele counters with a Powerbomb! JEEZ ALOU what a Powerbomb, driving her into the mat!

PT: Steele maybe playing possum there, or maybe just reacting on instinct. He needs to make a cover here.

MM: Both competitors down on the mat. Steele getting up now. Grabs Night Nurse by the hair, and Night Nurse rolls him into an Inside Cradle pin! 1--hey, wait a minute! Aaron Rodgers comes charging to the ring with a steel chair! Referee breaks the count to get Aaron Rodgers out of there. What the hell is he doing? He's not part of the match!

PT: Aaron Rodgers coming to the aid of his A-List friend. When you've got the clout of Superstar Steve Steele, you always have help!

MM: Night Nurse is livid! She grabs the chair out of Rodgers hands and hits him in the midsection with it!

[Crowd pops at the chair shot]

MM: Now she's got that steel chair and OH! Steel chair shot! Wraps it around the back of Aaron Rodgers! Packers head coach Mike McCarthy can't be pleased with this. Night Nurse rolls Rodgers out of the ring, and what's this?! Steele with a rollup! Steele with a rollup! 1---2----3--he got her! Unbelievable! Taking advantage of the distraction from Aaron Rodgers, Superstar Steve Steele, well, STEALS a win!

Ring announcer: Here is your winner, "SUPERSTAR" Steve STEELE!

[Crowd gives a chorus of boos while Steele's music plays and he slowly gets up from fatigue and begins celebrating. Rodgers wincing in pain from the chair shots gives him a thumbs up.]

PT: Ha ha, never cross the cranium of a celebrity! He must have had this up his sleeve the whole time! STEEL chair, STEAL the win, Superstar Steve STEELE is headed to the finals!

MM: Talk about controversial, Steele is moving onto the finals now to face Ace Hopper, as we take a look at the bracket.

MM: Well here we are friends. What a night it has been. It's now Ace Hopper and Steve Steele. The winner is Monday Night Raj Champion. The loser is Web Champion. Steele will stay in the ring and await the arrival of Ace Hopper. We understand that our colleague Jenna Justice is standing by backstage with Ace Hopper.

[Hopper appears on the big screen and the crowd gives a massive applause.]

Jenna Justice: Ace, You're about to face "Superstar" Steve Steele for the Monday Night Raj Championship. After witnessing what just went down, what's your strategy?

Ace: It's real simple Jenna. Ace Hopper lives and breathes for one thing--being the BEST in that ring. Steve Steele, I know you'll do whatever it takes to win, including cheating, having your Green Bay CRACKER Aaron Rodgers run interference, you've got no integrity. It doesn't matter what you bring at me, because there are 3 things I have that you don't. Heart. Hustle. And Muscle. You may be a Superstar...but I...am...an...ACE!

[Ace puts hands together to form a spade and places it over his heart, and walks away.]

[Pyro shoots from stage right as the intro to the song concludes, and Ace Hopper appears with the crowd going wild. Hopper has his right shoulder taped up from his injury in his first match.]

Ring Announcer: The following contest is the Champions Tournament final whereby the winner of this match will be declared Monday Night Raj Champion, and the loser will be declared Web Champion! Making his way down the aisle from Chicago, Aaaaace HOPPPPPEEEEEER!

And his opponent, already in the ring, "SUPERSTAR" Steve STEELE!

MM: Well here it is friends. This is it. Big time. What a final this is going to be, it doesn't get any better than this!

PT: Ace Hopper goes up against the Architect of the A-List, the Superstar of Superstars, Superstar Steve Steele! Ace, you better be okay being second best, because there is no way Steve Steele is settling for the Web Championship.

MM: But you have to factor in, P.T., you have to factor in that Ace has had plenty of rest. Steele just competed in a war with Night Nurse. Ace definitely has the upperhand there.

PT: Yeah but what about his shoulder? That bandaging might as well be a bullseye. Don't think Steele won't exploit that.

MM: There's also the wildcard of Aaron Rodgers. Will he come into play in this match like he did with Night Nurse? If so, how? Lots of variables here, and we're about to have answers.

[Referee holds up both the MNR and Web Championships in the center of the ring as the crowd cheers. Ace and Steele lean back in their respective corners as the ref places the belts into the glass cases on podiums sitting on either side of the announce table. The bell rings and the match starts.]

MM: And here we go! Hopper and Steele for the gold. Who walks away top dog? Who walks away second in command? They circle each other and now in the tie up. Steele sends Ace into the ropes and lays a thick shoulder sending Hopper to the mat. Now Steele off the ropes, Hopper turns over as Steele bounces off the other side. Hopper up now, and a Dropkick from Hopper! Both of these wrestlers are phenomenal athletes. Expect quick moves like that one, and a lot of aerial attacks, but again remember the damaged right shoulder of Hopper, and the obvious fatigue from Steele.

PT: That's unfair at it's finest! Hopper basically cheated to get to this final, he didn't even fight a semifinals match!

MM: But that's not his fault P.T., you can thank Cam Danzler The Unchained Beast for that! Hopper now picks up the leg of a grounded Steve Steele and drives an elbow to the upper thigh. What's he gonna do now? He's got that left leg of Steele in his grip, going for the Figure 4! Hopper's got the Figure 4 Leglock on Steele!

[Arena fills with "WOOO!"'s]

PT: Hopper playing smart here, he knows Steele is a high-flyer just like he is, and the best way to gain the upperhand on a high flyer is to take out their legs.

MM: Steele writhing in pain on the mat but not giving up! Will he tap? Will he tap? Wait a second, shoulders down, 1--no! Just a one count. Steele let his shoulders hit the mat, and that put him in a pinning predicament. Figure 4 still in tight, Steele's gotta get to the ropes. McGrath Arena is electric right now! Steele inching towards the ropes and he grabs the bottom rope! That will force a break. We almost crowned a champion there, P.T.

PT: I'll give credit where credit's due. I have been in that hold too many times to count and when your legs are bent against each other like that it feels like your shins are gonna break. Ace Hopper playing smart out of the gate here.

MM: Friends this is our main event. The debut episode of Monday Night Raj has come to this. The Champions Tournament final here at a sold out McGrath Arena on the DePaul University campus in Chicago's Lincoln Park. The hometown hero Ace Hopper against Superstar Steve Steele. The loser still gets a belt, the Web Championship, but it's clear neither wants to settle for second place.

Steele coming back to his feet now and visibly limping. Here's a chop across the chest from Hopper. And another. Now Steele fighting back! Steele with a right hand. Now an uppercut. Lifts up Hopper and plants him with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Steele with a chance here to do some damage. Steele off the ropes, and flies at Hopper with a spinning heel kick sending him to the mat!

PT: Steele trying to regain some strength in those legs after the Figure 4, you can see him hitting his fists against his calfs trying to get the circulation going. Hopper's on the ground here this is his shot to go after that shoulder!

MM: And go after it he does. Steele with kicks to the injured right shoulder of Ace Hopper. He is stomping a mudhole into Ace's upper body. That taped up right shoulder, a casualty of being thrown into the steel steps by El Fuego Juan Tamale earlier tonight. What will Steele do next? He turns Hopper onto his side and now an Arm Bar! Arm Bar submission maneuver on Hopper, my how the tables have turned!

PT: This is the perfect hold for Steele, that Arm Bar puts all the pressure on your shoulder socket, right where the clavicle meets the scapula. He might rip Hopper's arm off with this move!

[Fans get behind Hopper chanting "Ace! Of! Spades!"]

MM: Steele mouthing off to the fans telling them to shut up. Hopper not giving up. Not yet anyway. Pressure being applied harder now as Steele drives his knee into Hopper's upper back! Can Hopper escape? Hopper now trying to get to his feet. He's on 2 knees. Now on 2 feet as McGrath Arena breathes life into their hometown hero. Steele with the Arm Bar still locked in. And Hopper able to counter into a modified Hip Toss. Hopper here with a big splash from a standstill! Here's the cover, 1--2--kickout by Steele! Superstar Steve Steele upset he let that turn into a pin. Hopper acting more on instinct than anything else there, trying to recollect himself. Steele runs towards the ropes, jumps off the middle rope. Springboard Stunner! Springboard Stunner on Ace Hopper sends the Mercenary With a Mouth wobbling backwards! Steele off the ropes again now and a big clothesline over the top rope brings both competitors out on the floor right in front of us!

[Crowd begins a "This is Wrestling!" chant.]

PT: I agree with these fans! Even for being second class citizens at least they know wrestling when they see it.

MM: Steele picking up Hopper. And he's setting up a chair out here. This is not a no-DQ match, he's not allowed to use that as a weapon remember. What is on this man's mind? He sits Hopper in the chair as the referee tries to get them back into the ring. Steele now climbing the turnbuckle. He's going up top, what is this? what is this? Steele leaps, and a Flying Senton! That steel chair collapsed underneath Hopper, you could hear the metal bending underneath them! Both men are down!

[Crowd begins a "HOLY SHIT!" chant.]

MM: Both men are down, I figured the ref would call a disqualification on that move by Steele but he's going to let them continue.

PT: Well he didn't use the chair as a weapon, Double M. If he had hit Hopper with the chair then it's a DQ, but the ref doesn't view sitting Hopper in the chair as using a weapon, and quite frankly I agree.

MM: It works out in the Superstar's favor, of course you agree! Referee beginning a 10-count now though. Both men still haven't moved. Ref's count at 4. Now at 5. Looks Like Steele is coming to. Steele, trying to get to his feet. Hopper still lifeless on the ground. Ref at 7 here. I don't know what will happen in a double countout scenario. Ref at 8! Steele now picks up Hopper. Ref at 9! And he rolls Hopper back into the ring just before the 10 count. That was close!

PT: A little too close if you ask me. Steele's got places to be, he can't be milking a 10 count like that!

MM: Of course, that Kanye release party, if in fact it exists.


MM: Well, whatever. Back in the ring, Steele picks up Hopper's legs and...catapults him face first into the turnbuckle. Tremendous impact there. Hopper stumbles back towards the center of the ring. Steele grabs his legs and takes him down. Uh-oh! Is it? YES, it is! Steele crosses the legs, turns him over, 5 Seconds of Fame! 5 Seconds of Fame! That's his signature modified Sharpshooter. Here's the modification taking place, he only locks in with one arm, he's using his right arm to keep the legs crossed and gloating with his left, flexing his bicep!

PT: He's so great he doesn't need 2 arms--he can do a Sharpshooter with only 1! Hopper should be so lucky he gets a brush with 5 Seconds of Fame!

MM: Well luck isn't the word I would use. Hopper not giving up! Ref asking if he wants to tap but he's shaking his head no.

[Crowd chants back and forth, "LET'S GO HOPPER!", "SUPER-SUCK!"]

MM: McGrath Arena rallying behind Hopper. Can he get to the ropes? He's inching his way towards. And Steele now drags him back to the middle, reapplying full pressure on that low back!

PT: Hopper needs to throw in the towel, this long in 5 Seconds of Fame and you're risking serious injury to those L4 and L5 vertebrae.

MM: I have to agree with you, P.T. I don't want him to give up but his long-term health might be at stake here. Hopper still shaking his head no. He presses up off the mat with both arm, flips, and a Victory Roll pin! Flips 5 Seconds into a Victory Roll pin! 1----2-----2 and 3 quarters! JEEZ ALOU--that was as close as you can get! Ace Hopper managed to counter the 5 Seconds of Fame into a Victory Roll, and we almost had our Monday Night Raj champion.

PT: I don't know how Hopper did that but what a move!

MM: We'd like to remind you again that you can talk about tonight's action on social media using #MondayNightRaj, and mentioning @RajNATION!

PT: Let's see how much Ace has left, that low back has to be injured, his shoulder is already injured, that may have been his last effort.

MM: Speaking of injuries, we have received an update on the condition of Gunner. X-Rays were taken at Rush University Medical Center and he has suffered a cracked lower rib. That damn Danzler deserves to be suspended for his actions!

Anyway, Steele back on his feet as Hopper is still seeing stars, and not the kind of stars painted on Steele's pants.

Hopper laying there on his back trying to recover. Steele motions a camera flash with his hands, that can only mean one thing. He's going for the Stepping Stone! There it is, a big stomp to the chest! Off the ropes, there's the self-congratulatory pose, and the Swanton to complete it, but Hopper lifts his feet! Steele went for the Stepping Stone and Hopper countered by lifting up his feet, making Steele's back land on his heels! I wish you could be here with us, the energy in the arena is palpable!

PT: Hopper is mastering the counters and reversals tonight. Now he needs to capitalize, needs to muster some energy if he wants to win.

MM: Hopper grabs Steele by the head and sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Now to the other turnbuckle, and a third turnbuckle. He's turning Steve Steele's face into scrambled eggs. Hopper pointing to the 4th turnbuckle. Fans on their feet!

[Crowd goes "oooooooh" as Hopper runs with Steele towards the 4th turnbuckle.]

MM: Hopper on the run and smashes Steele's face into that 4th turnbuckle!

PT: Not good. Not good! That's a face that needs to take red carpet photos later tonight!

MM: Well something is red alright. Steele with a bloody nose, it may be broken!

Hopper now, positions Steele on the top turnbuckle, setting up for a Superplex. From the top rope! He connects! Ace Hopper with a Superplex from the top! Now, Hopper asking this sellout crowd to get loud. He's lining up in the corner, waiting for Steele to come to.

Steele back to his feet, Running Knee by Hopper---but Steele ducks! Hopper turns around, and OH JEEZ ALOU! A Superkick to Hopper sends him stumbling back towards the ropes! Steele charges at him, but Hopper ducks now, pulling the top rope down with him and Steele flies over him! But Steele lands on his feet on the apron! Steele from the apron, martial arts kick to the side of the head! Hopper reeling in the center of the ring! Steele, from the apron, springs off the top rope, and Hopper with a Codebreaker! Codebreaker! Steve Steele came flying at Hopper, it looked like he was going for an Axehandle Smash, but Hopper reversed it into a Codebreaker!

PT: Hopper with yet another reversal!

[Crowd erupts as Hopper points to the top rope.]

MM: Now Hopper wasting no time. Going up top! Ace of Spades time! Can he do it? Here he goes!

Hopper connects with the Ace of Spades! The Shooting Star Press into a Flying Elbow Drop which he calls the Ace of Spades! Here's the cover!



3! We've got a new champ! We've got a new champ! Ace Hopper is your Monday Night Raj Champion!

[Crowd gives biggest pop of the night.]

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner aaaaand NEW Monday Night Raj Champion...ACE HOPPPEEERRR!

[Hopper's music hits and confetti fills the arena.]

MM: What a magnificent sequence to finish the match! Hopper went for the Running Knee, Steele ducked and countered with a Superkick. That sent Hopper backpeddling. Steele made a charge then but Hopper ducked, pulling the top rope down with him and Steele flew over him but landed on the apron. Steele then launched himself from the top rope butit was countered into a Codebreaker by Hopper. And from there, Hopper called for it, and connected with the Ace of Spades!

PT: That may have been the best 45 seconds of wrestling I've ever seen. The entire match was unbelievable but that closing sequence was second to none.

MM: And Superstar Steve Steele has nothing to be ashamed of. He still gets the Web Championship for his second place effort, and you can bet that he'll have a target on his back as a title holder!

PT: Steele wants that Monday Night Raj Championship. He has to settle for Web Championship, but he was looking forward to showing of the MNR belt at the Kanye release party later tonight.

MM: Ladies and gentlemen what a night it has been! Ace Hopper wins the MNR Title in front of his hometown fans! We can only imagine the fallout from tonight's action! We thank you for joining us for the debut episode of Monday Night Raj! From McGrath Arena on the DePaul University Campus, on behalf of our locker room reporter Jenna Justice, and my broadcast colleague Pretty & Terrific "P.T." Barnum, this is Magnum McFly signing off. Goodnight from Chicago! Goodnight from Champions Tournament! Goodnight from Monday Night Raj!