You're constantly let down by the storylines delivered by "The Federation", and always come up with your own interesting plot twists that you never get to see come to fruition.

Monday Night Raj is the answer to your frustration, giving you the opportunity to live the dream of becoming champion, by putting YOU in control of the story.

Monday Night Raj is the episodic series as part of the online wrestling promotion, RajNATION Promotions.

Think of this as a mix of RPG, fan-fiction, and Choose Your Adventure


About The Founder

Monday Night Raj is the creation of @RajNATION, real name Rajiv Nathan. Rajiv has been a WWE fan since 7 years old, and is notable amongst his circles for his wrestler impressions. He is the Creative Director for Monday Night Raj/RajNATION Promotions, managing talent development and writing the episodes. He also plays the role of the Raj NATION character, acting as the league President on Monday Night Raj.

Contact on twitter and instagram @RajNATION.

He is also the Cofounder of the education company, Idea Lemon, which includes hosting a weekly personal growth podcast, a rapper by the name Fenetik, and will soon be a yoga instructor.


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